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October 31, 2017   •   Filed in Fall, Families

Boulder Family Photographer | Colorado Fall Color at Chautauqua Park

oday is Halloween and I have the perfect autumn family photo session to share for my favorite holiday! Wendy got in touch with me last month because her husband, Pete, said that he wanted to get some updated family photos for his birthday. They live in Denver like me, but were thinking about doing them in Boulder since he has always loved the Boulder Flatirons mountain after attending the University of Colorado as an undergrad. I grew up in Boulder County myself so I understand holding a special place in my heart for that iconic view. Knowing this, it was an obvious choice to see what the fall color was looking like at Chautauqua Park since those Flatirons are the main focus of that beautiful park in Boulder. Luckily, there was still plenty of nice color throughout the park and we walked up the hill to get to it along the trails behind the Chautauqua Dining Hall. There's a path back there that takes you past the vacation cottages to the Upper McClintock Trail which is surrounded in gorgeous autumn color. I had so much fun with this family and they were really good sports about playing along with my silly games and prompts to attempt to get some genuine smiles out of them. Their kids were really fun and rambunctious with each other too and it reminded me of me and my siblings when we were young. Looking at them rough-house playing you might mistakenly assume they aren't friends, but you can see that sparkle of love in their eyes when they're laughing together. We were thinking about heading up Flagstaff Road to Lost Gulch Overlook for sunset photos too, but it was starting to get chilly and the beautiful autumn trees stacked up in front of the Flatiron mountains was the perfect backdrop for the end of their session. Pete, I hope this was a good birthday treat for you! Here's a small selection of my favorites from the session. Happy birthday!
Family poses together on a path at Chautauqua Park in Boulder Colorado during Fall Color Autumn Season
Gorgeous fall color backdrop with Boulder Mountains off in the distance Mom and Dad alone portrait during fall color family photography in Boulder
Boulder Colorado Family Photography Siblings hold hands in front of the fall color at Chautauqua Park
Beautiful Fall Color Family Photography at Chautauqua Park in Boulder Colorado
Autumn Family Portraits with gorgeous fall color mom and dad snuggle during family pictures in Boulder Colorado
Siblings pose for a photo on the lawn with the Flatirons in the backdrop at Chautauqua Park during autumn in Colorado
Husband and wife portrait with Boulder Flatirons Mountain in the backdrop at Chautauqua Park in Colorado
Classic Fall Color Family Portrait with Boulder Flatirons Mountain backdrop at Chautauqua Park in Colorado
Happy family photo with fall color and Flatirons backdrop on the lawn at Chautauqua Park in Boulder Colorado
Boulder Colorado Family Portrait During Fall with Flatirons Mountain in the Backdrop at Chautauqua Park
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