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November 18, 2017   •   Filed in Fall, Families

Colorado Family Photographer | Fall Color at Wallace Park in Denver Tech Center

photographed this sweet family at their fall wedding last year at a restaurant rooftop city wedding in the Highlands. Sadly, that restaurant has been replaced by another but they'll always have their wedding pictures to remember it. This year I got the chance to get back together with them and spend more time on family pictures than we were able to do during the packed schedule at the wedding. We met up in late October and looked around for a place that still had some good fall color. I have never photographed at George Wallace Park which is located in South Denver in the DTC area. It's not the first place that comes to mind for me as a photography location since it's in such a business park type of area, but I heard that the color there is pretty great so we decided to go check it out and see for ourselves. We did seem to be past the peak color season but luckily for us there was still plenty of pretty solid fall color left to take advantage of. Cass and Chris are parents to the spunkiest, cutest little blonde Cindy Lou Who look-alike in all of Denver named Palmer. (Perhaps that's a future Halloween costume idea? They'd barely have to do anything and mom and dad could be the Grinch and his dog Max.) Palmer is a 2 year old full of incredible amounts of energy and keep her mom and dad busy for sure. She wasn't too interested in having her photo taken on this day but we persevered and tried to come up with all kinds of schemes and games to make it more fun for her. I think we managed to get some pretty adorable photos of them together despite her disinterest in all things photography. Check out some of my favorites below.
A sweet family of 3 with a 2 year old blonde girl in pigtails get photos with the fall color at Wallace Park in DTC area of Denver Colorado during Autumn.
A sweet two year old walks with her mom and dad during autumn in the DTC area of Denver at Wallace Park in Denver Colorado
Mom and Dad get a photo together with gorgeous fall color plants at Wallace Park in the Denver Tech Center area of Colorado
Fun family portraits with fall color tree backdrop at DTC Denver Colorado Wallace Park
Blonde girl in pigtails rides on her daddy's shoulders with a pretty fall color backdrop at Wallace Park in DTC area of Denver Colorado during autumn.
Sweet Family Portrait with Fall Color Backdrop at Wallace Park in DTC Denver Colorado
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