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November 25, 2017   •   Filed in Fall, Families

Colorado Family Photography | Thanksgiving week portraits at Denver City Park

hanksgiving is a wonderful time of year with quality time spent with your family taking a greater precedence in life. It's a very popular time of the year to get updated family photos too since it's often the only time the entire family is able to get together. I photograph lots of extended families both during the week of Thanksgiving and again during the December holiday season. Grandma and Grandpa were visiting this Denver family from Arizona and they took it upon themselves to organize a family portrait session. The family lives near City Park so we opted to go there to keep it easy on them. This made it so they could bring their huge, super strong dog named Franz, who they adopted from the Denver Dumb Friends League. I'll give a quick shout out to that awesome organization, since that's where I adopted two of my furry feline buddies! These past few years have been quite warm here in Denver compared to the chilly temperatures and often snow-filled days that I remember from my childhood Thanksgiving feasts. I hate to complain about a lack of snow since it certainly makes it a little easier to photograph the extended families outdoors. A quick rainstorm passed through right before our session began which gave us some pretty incredible stormy skies for the photos. I love the way the yellow boathouse pavilion looks against the dark blue sky in these family photos. Check out the pictures below!
A Colorado family portrait created on a stormy afternoon during late fall the day after Thanksgiving with the yellow pavilion at City Park in the backdrop
Grandma and grandpa get a portrait taken with the stormy skies as a backdrop at their City Park Denver Colorado family photography session during Thanksgiving week.
A brother and his sister hug their cute mixed breed dog from the Denver Dumb Friends League at City Park in Denver during late fall
A cute photo of a couple laughing together on a stormy afternoon at Denver's City Park during late fall in Colorado
Catching the last bit of fall color with red leaves at Denver's City Park during late fall at an extended family photo session in Colorado
Sweet couple laugh together with pretty red leaf fall color backdrop at City Park in Denver Colorado
An extended family portrait with grandma and grandpa with the yellow boathouse pavilion backdrop at City Park in Denver Colorado
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