Hello, and welcome to the Denver headshot and business branding portrait area of April O’Hare Photography. If you’ve made your way to this page you probably already know the importance of a professional headshot in solidifying a positive first impression for yourself. I specialize in on-location environmental headshot portraiture for those who are looking to showcase their personal brand. I’ve worked with all kinds of clients including entrepreneurs, writers, opera singers, apothecary owners, athletes, lifestyle bloggers, small business owners, educators, therapists, and even those who were simply looking to get a great photo for their dating profile. You never know when you’ll need an awesome headshot portrait of yourself. Please take a look at the gallery below and get in touch. Tell me more about what you are looking for in a headshot photo. I’d love to help you make it a reality!

Denver Headshot Photographer

Headshot photoshoot pricing and business branding sessions are priced as session fees* and the price is determined by the location of the session and the time of year that it takes place. Late summer-January is the busiest time of the year for photography sessions here in Colorado so the minimum session fee price is higher at that time of year than February-mid summer. The session fee covers the time at the session creating your images and a portion of the session fee that you pay will be applied to your order as a credit.

Denver, Boulder, Evergreen, Aurora, Castle Rock, Parker, Longmont, Littleton, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge Golden, Idaho Springs, Arvada, Highlands Ranch, Northglenn, Thornton, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville (Essentially the Denver Metro area):
February-July $595 session fee includes a $500 credit
 August-January $1,095 session fee includes a $995 credit

Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Georgetown, Lyons: 
February-July $625 session fee includes a $500 credit
August-January $1,120 session fee includes a $995 credit

Summit County (Breckenridge, Silverthorne, Frisco, Dillon, Keystone etc…):
$650 session fee includes a $500 credit
$1,145 session fee includes a $995 credit

Winter Park, Tabernash, Fraser, Granby, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park:
February-July $675 session fee includes a $500 credit
August-January $1,170 session fee includes a $995 credit

Vail, Beaver Creek, Avon, Edwards, Eagle, Pueblo, La Veta, Cuchara:
February-July $700 session fee includes a $500 credit
August-January $1,195 session fee includes a $995 credit

Aspen, Snowmass, Crested Butte, Gunnison, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Redstone, Salida, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Steamboat Springs, and Grand Junction:
February-July $1,395 session fee includes a $995 credit
 August-January $1,695 session fee includes a $1,295 credit

Telluride, Montrose, Grand Junction, Ouray, Ridgway, Silverton,
February-July $1,395 session fee includes a $995 credit
August-January $2,095 session fee includes a $1,695 credit

Don’t see your location listed here? Get in touch and I can give you a session fee quote.
*Please note that digital files are not included in your session fee. They may be purchased separately either as a set or as individual files. Individual digital files are $125 each and there are price breaks for purchasing multiple digital files. Prints start at $35 for a 5x7” and $65 for an 8x10” Please contact me for the full price list. 

Denver Headshot Photography Prices

Where to go for Headshots in the Denver Area

The setting where you create your headshot portraits will subtly communicate details about who you are for your audience. If you want to come across as laid back in your headshots then it won’t make much sense to choose a formal corporate backdrop. But for others that may be the perfect vibe for their headshots.

My favorite outdoor locations depend quite a lot on the time of year we are scheduling your headshots in since the weather and color outdoors changes quite a bit depending on the time of year. But the following locations are generally some of my all time favorites to use because of their versatility and beauty. Part of the benefit in hiring a professional headshot photographer will be guidance in choosing the perfect location for your headshots. But the locations below should give a nice jumping off point.

Though I primarily photograph in the beautiful outdoor settings of Colorado, there are some occasions when an indoor headshot portrait might make more sense for your personal or business goals. Below are a couple of great indoor studio locations that are available for rent.

Squaw Pass Road is a beautiful mountain meadow only 40 min from the west side of Denver where you can find mature aspen trees, wildflowers for part of the year, and stunning mountain views. If you’re looking to find the quintessential “Colorado” backdrop for your business branding photos, it’s perfect.

It’s basically impossible to create ugly photos at Denver Botanic Gardens. It’s centrally located and perfect for anyone looking for a simple, yet beautiful setting for their Denver headshots.

Realm Denver is a large indoor studio located in North Denver near 37th and York in an old warehouse style building that’s been renovated and now hosts various different small businesses in the building. This is a really great place to do headshot photos because there is a large white cyc wall and lots of different furniture to use so the possibilities for creating many different looks with your headshots.

The Denver Photo Collective is located in North Denver off of I-70 and Pecos. I really love using this space when they do their styled sets because you can get really different looks with them. But even when they don’t have a styled set, their main studio room is a nice, simple space with white walls and nice natural light coming in from their large windows. This is actually where I created my own black and pink floral headshots that you see throughout my website! 

April’s Favorite Outdoor Headshot Locations

April’s Favorite Indoor Headshot Locations

Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Headshot Location

Denver Photo Collective Indoor Headshot Photo Studio

Realm Studio Denver Headshot Location

Squaw Pass Road Colorado Headshot Location


Frequently Asked Questions About Denver Headshots

Below are some of the most common questions I get about headshot photography with some answers to help you decide if getting your headshots created with me is right for you!

*Where will my headshots be created?

This is up to you! I am a 100% on location photographer and specialize in creating gorgeous outdoor photos in the scenery of Colorado but we can also do indoor locations. There are indoor studios available to rent as well as styled sets or we can do them at your own business location. It all depends on the aesthetic of your brand and what the main goals are for your photos.

*What if the weather is bad?

Have no fear, here in Colorado it’s pretty rare for the weather to be so disgusting that we can’t make it work. In fact, some of my coolest sessions have been done with stormy skies. However, there are some days that just won’t work no matter how hard we want it to and in those cases we will reschedule your portraits. If you are on a tight deadline and cannot reschedule we will have to discuss last minute alternate indoor options that we may be able to use instead of your outdoor location.  

*Do I get to pick the time of my session?

The short answer is maybe.  
The longer answer is that this will depend on the location that we have selected for your portraits. If we are photographing outdoors and using natural light I will schedule them in the hour and a half before sunset because that is the prettiest light of the day and will help you look your best. If we’re doing an indoor location we can discuss changing up the timing of the session since the sunset light may not come into play at an indoor session.  

*What should I wear for my headshot portraits?

This is another question that will depend greatly on the look and style that you desire for your photos. It’s all about the goals you have for what you will need your pictures for. Are you simply needing a great looking headshot for your Linked In profile or your corporate resume? Great, then you have a direction you can take with more formal business-like attire. Are you using these photos to show off your new yoga studio or a small apothecary business? Then you can probably safely ditch the office wear and choose an outfit that better represents what your business is all about. I am more than happy to advise you on what might look good in your portraits and there’s no one size fits all answer to this question. 

*Do you provide hair & makeup?

This is not a service I coordinate at this time since I know that people are pretty choosy (rightly so!) about their hair and makeup. I am more than happy to send recommendations for you. You should arrive at your session with your hair and make up all set and ready to go.  

*Does the session fee include all of the digital files?

No, digital files can be bought separately just like prints and are not included as part of the session fee. Digital files that are ordered will be completely retouched just like they would be if ordered as a print and you will receive both the high resolution full sized color and B&W version of the jpeg.

*What can I expect for the retouching?

After your session I will pick out a handful of my favorite images to share on the blog as a “sneak peek” or preview. These favorites will be fully retouched. The rest of the images will be lightly retouched as proofs and all will go into an online gallery for you to choose from. Any images that are ordered will be fully retouched just like the favorites from the blog. Below you can see a visual example of what the difference is between a photo prior to any retouching, a proof photo and a fully retouched image.

Original, unretouched image

Lightly retouched image

Fully retouched image

*Will I get to see every photo from the session?

No, I firmly believe that outtakes are called outtakes for a reason and it’s my job to sort through them for you. I will comb through the images that we create together selecting the ones that meet my artistic standards. That means you won’t see every single image created since I delete those that are technically deficient, bad expressions/eyes closed, duplicates etc… I want you to focus your energy on selecting from the best images from your session. I assure you, there will be plenty to choose from even with only the best images included in your gallery.   

*How will I be able to use my pictures?

All headshot and business brand images purchased at the normal rate will come with the standard limited license agreement which allows for use on your personal and business brand’s social media, your personal or business website, and for your own personal or business printing up to 30x40” in size. The license may not be transferred to other parties without the express written permission from April O’Hare Photography. Please get in touch with me if your required usage will be beyond the included limited licensing agreement that comes with purchased digital files. I can give a more accurate quote once I know your intended use for your images. I understand that usage may change in the future and I kindly ask that you get back in touch to negotiate further licensing that you may need.  
Please note that the copyright remains with April O’Hare Photography. 

*I’m ready to book! What’s the next step?

Great news! First, you’ll want to get in touch and tell me more about your project and your goals for your headshots or business branding photos. Be as detailed as possible. Then we’ll brainstorm some ideas for where to do them and talk dates. Once we have settled on a date I will send you the online contract. To officially reserve a date, you will pay for 50% of your session fee upfront with the remaining 50% due at the end of the session.  

This is the part where you get to tell me about you!  


I do my very best to return emails as soon as possible but I do head out of Denver for sessions and weddings often. Sometimes your email never makes it to me so if you haven’t heard from me within 48 hours please double check your email spam box and reach out again just in case there is a technical issue. I’d hate to miss the opportunity to speak with you about your headshot photos! You're welcome to text or call me at 720-771-7314 if you are worried I haven't received your email.