Venue Highlight

Trinity United Methodist Church | Denver, CO
Address: 1820 Broadway Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-839-1493
At 18th and Broadway there stands an impressive historic church called the Trinity United Methodist Church. It was built in 1888 and is a gorgeous example of modern Gothic architecture. I personally love the way it looks surrounded on all sides by skyscraper office buildings and condos. It’s a reminder of the way Denver used to be. It houses a most impressive and stunning organ named the Roosevelt Pipe Organ. According to the church’s website it “stands as one of the largest American-built organs of the Nineteenth Century still in operation.” It’s the perfect place for those wanting to get married in a church in downtown Denver. Trinity United rents out the church for 3 hour blocks of time and includes an hour of rehearsal time the evening before your wedding. There are numerous perks included in the rental of this church some of which are large dressing areas, a minister, an organ player, wedding coordinator, and free parking next door. There is also Trinity Fellowship Hall where you can host your rehearsal dinner or your wedding reception. Definitely check out Trinity United Methodist Church’s website for more information about celebrating your wedding in this magnificent jewel of a church in Denver.  
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