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Denver Botanic Gardens | York Street
Address: 1007 York Street Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 720-865-3501
Denver Botanic Gardens is by far one of the best wedding venues in the Denver area. There are so many beautiful backdrops available throughout the gardens that I don’t think as a photographer I could ever exhaust all of the options for making beautiful pictures with my brides and grooms. Some of my personal favorite backdrops at the gardens have got to be the Circle Gate, the Monet Pool, and the historic green solarium in the Woodland Mosaic Garden.  
Denver Botanic Gardens is huge with 24 acres right in the heart of the pretty Cheesman Park neighborhood of Denver, CO. This means they can easily host multiple weddings on one day since each area where weddings are hosted is fairly private. One of the coolest places to host a wedding at Denver Botanic Gardens is the Woodland Mosaic Garden with the really cool looking solarium. I did a little internet search and discovered that this gorgeous green colored solarium was actually commissioned by Disney and built in England but never made its way to Disney. It ended up being bought by a woman from Illinois but she passed away before it could be erected at her home. Her husband’s son ended up contacting Denver Botanic Gardens to see if they would be interested and luckily for brides in Denver they were! This beautiful little structure only works well for couples who are hosting smaller, intimate weddings since it can hold 40 people (standing room) or 30 seated guests. It could also be a really gorgeous location for an afternoon bridal shower tea luncheon type of party. It’s nice and shady in this area of the gardens and I personally really love the round lights that hang from its ceiling.  
The newest wedding site at Denver Botanic Gardens is the All-America Selections Garden which is located outdoors. There is a large modern styled canopy at the center of the gardens which provides a little respite from the sun or showers. I love all of the colorful plants that surround this space and it even has a couple of nice waterlily gardens at the edge. There is room for up to 150-175 guests at your ceremony here and up to 100-150 guests if you opt to host your reception in this space too.  
If you want to host a large wedding but also want it outdoors the Amphitheater is an excellent option for you. It is a huge tent which can be opened on all sides on nice days and closed off when it’s colder. And I particularly love the beautiful twinkle lights covering the ceiling. This space really has a lovely Midsummer’s Night Dream quality to it with a clear ceiling letting moonlight shine in and surrounded by trees and gardens. You can host up to 500 people at a seated reception and twice that many if you go without seating.  
If you love the historic green solarium but it’s too small to host your wedding you might want to check out the Orangery option instead. It’s a beautiful glass European Renaissance-style greenhouse with a lot more room in it than the solarium. It can fit up to 100 people with all of the tables inside and up to 150 if you seat some of them outdoors. If you opt for no seating at all at your wedding you can host up to 200 guests in this space. If you want some color at your winter wedding I could see this being an excellent option for you since it is colorful in there year-round.  
Another option for your outdoor wedding ceremony at Denver Botanic Gardens is the perennial favorite “Romantic Gardens.” Boasting west-facing views (imagine if you held your ceremony at sunset!) and tons of roses this is a classic garden choice for your wedding and is perfect for those who need to host a large amount of guests. This garden can hold up to 250 seated guests and 300 if you do standing room only. I love the perfectly edged trees all in a row creating a really lovely symmetry. It’s easy to see why this garden has been a favorite of brides and grooms throughout the years.  
Another great outdoor option for medium sized weddings is the South African Plaza. This area features a nice wooden trellis and even has a nearby babbling brook. This beautiful outdoor space has room for 80-90 guests.  
Smaller weddings can also be held at the Water Garden Gazebo which ideally places you right next to one of the prettiest areas in the entire garden (the Monet Pool!) It’s a simple little circular wood gazebo surrounded by pretty potted plants on all sides. It can host 30-40 guests depending on your seating arrangement.  
Not too far away is the West Terrace which is situated right next to the Orangery (meaning you can combine the two if you need more space) and the Monet Pool. This area can host your ceremony and your reception. A couple of nice features about the West Terrace is that there are misting sprayers for hot summer weddings and beautiful twinkle lights for added romantic ambience. This area can host up to 250 seated guests for the ceremony and between 150-300 guests at the reception depending on your seating arrangements.  
The following spaces are what the Denver Botanic Gardens have to offer for indoor spaces. Due to the gardens being right in the middle of a neighborhood they do have some restrictions regarding music at your reception which is why some might opt for one of these indoor reception spaces. The first is the Gates Garden Court which has incredibly high ceilings and nice natural light pouring through the windows on the north side of the space. There is room for 40-90 guests in this space at your reception and up to 80 if you choose it for your ceremony. The Gates Garden Court can be rented along side the Gates Hall as well which is through double doors on the west wall of this space. The Gates Hall area also has floor to ceiling windows on the north side and has cool concrete gray walls with intricate woodwork throughout the space. This area can host between 36-100 guests for your reception.  
Right outside the doors of the Boettcher Conservatory is a two story space called Marnie’s Pavilion where couples can host an indoor reception (and sometimes a ceremony depending on the time of year). There is a really cool waterfall feature right in the center of the room on the lower level which is covered in exotic plants. It’s a pretty great way to keep a garden feel when you want to take the party indoors. There is room for 75-100 guests in this space for a reception.  
And the largest indoor space at the Denver Botanic Gardens is Mitchell Hall where you can easily fit anywhere from 100-400 guests. This space has a gorgeous domed ceiling covered in a checkered square design. You can also opt to do different colored lights to truly create a look that is unique to you and your wedding.  
As you can see from these descriptions, Denver Botanic Gardens can really create the perfect space for your wedding no matter the size. And the myriad of gorgeous plants, gardens, water features, sculptures, and other art throughout means there is no end to the beautiful wedding photos we can create there. The hardest part is figuring out how to include all of the lovely areas you will fall in love with. There are certainly worse problems to have!  
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