Venue Highlight

Flagstaff House: Boulder, CO
Address: 1138 Flagstaff Road Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303-442-4640
Flagstaff House is a non-traditional wedding venue with a stunning view of the Boulder Valley. The restaurant was originally built as a cabin in 1929 and has been added onto and transformed throughout the years. Today one of its best features are the multiple outdoor terraces overlooking the city of Boulder and beyond. Flagstaff House is owned by the Monette family who have truly invested in the property and have built up the restaurant’s reputation as one of the greatest dining experiences in Colorado and beyond.  
They have an award winning selection of wines and it just so happens that the best wine I ever tasted was recommended to us by our waiter at the Flagstaff house while on a date with my husband. I also love that they have corks strewn around the property as a sort of mulch like decoration which is quite fitting for the place. Though they are known for their culinary excellence you will not find a stuffy and overly pretentious place that you might expect with such a high caliber fine dining establishment. That is what really sets this venue apart and gives it a truly laid back “Colorado” feel.  
Although the restaurant can host weddings of up to 200 people I personally feel that where it shines is with the smaller more intimate weddings. Nothing beats a ceremony and dinner on the deck overlooking the grazing deer and occasional bear. Another nice touch are the personalized wedding menus that are printed out for each event. Flagstaff House has perfectly blended the feeling of being out in nature while still maintaining a sense of warmth and coziness. It’s a great atmosphere for a low key, intimate wedding with your closest friends and relatives.  
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