Venue Highlight

Chautauqua Dining Hall: Boulder, CO
Address: 900 Baseline Road Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303-443-3901
There’s really not much more I need to stay about Chautauqua other than the fact that it’s an obvious choice for anyone who craves a spectacular wedding location. The park boasts incredibly unique views of Boulder’s most famous landmark “The Flatirons.” These amazing rock formations have been a favorite with my clients throughout the years as a beautiful backdrop for their photographs. There are also multiple trails with lovely foliage which give a nice variety of scenes for your photos.  
Another feature about Chautauqua that I find particularly attractive is the age and quaintness of the cottages and buildings throughout the park. They are adorable places that they actually rent out to vacationers so it would be an incredibly convenient place to stay for those guests who are coming to your wedding from out of town. When you look at the photos on the walls showing the early 20th century people hanging out and then you look around it’s amazing to see just how similar it all still looks. The Boulder Chautauqua really takes pride in continuing the educational and cultural tradition in which it was founded. It is the only Chautauqua west of the Mississippi that has been using its same buildings in the same way since it was founded. There is a lot more info about the Chautauqua movement on their website so check it out!  
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