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Hudson Gardens: Littleton, CO
Address: 6115 S. Santa Fe Drive Littleton, CO 80120
Phone: 303.797.8565
Hudson Gardens is a Littleton, Colorado wedding venue that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing numerous time since I started working professionally back in 2005. I’ve always thought that it rivals the more well-known Denver Botanic Gardens in its beauty and size. The venue sits on 30 acres of varying types of gardens including a huge grassy hill with an ampitheatre, a water garden with lilypads, a pumpkin patch in the fall, wild grassy gardens and more traditional English style manicured rose gardens. There are also a ton of unique water structures like the fountain in the rose garden and the waterfalls of the Cascades on the south side of the Ampitheatre.  
Originally the land was owned by King and Evelyn Hudson who used it for their house and their restaurant which was called The Country Kitchen. Evelyn died in 1988, but not before she created the Hudson Foundation with instructions to continue to promote the cause of beautification and attendant ecological benefits.  
The venue has multiple spaces for hosting wedding ceremonies and receptions. You can even rent it for just your wedding ceremony if you prefer. The Inn is one such space and was originally used as the Country Kitchen restaurant and later renamed to Northwoods Inn Restaurant. Today it is one of the available spaces to rent for wedding receptions. It’s a cozy log cabin in the winter and in the summer it leads out into a beautiful garden courtyard. I am particularly fond of the exposed wood beams inside this space.  
Hudson Gardens also has 2 separate tented reception spaces. The Garden Canopy is the tented space adjacent to the Oval Garden. This reception area is available from May-October and can accommodate 225 guests. The sides of the tent are open to the gardens which lends itself to a feel of an indoor/outdoor reception. The other tented space is called the Welcome Garden Pavilion and is located on the other side of the welcome center which leaves enough space for weddings on the same day to have their own area. The Welcome Garden Pavilion has lovely French Doors and can hold up to 175 guests.  
There are plenty of options for hosting a ceremony. In addition to the traditional areas listed here, Hudson Gardens mentions on their website that they may be able to accommodate those who have an area of the gardens that are special to them so make sure to ask if you have an alternate garden location in mind. The Rose Garden is nestled next to the Oval Garden with a brick wedding walkway that can be used for the aisle. There is also the Monet’s Garden area which sits next to a pond with weeping willows providing romantic shade.  
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