Venue Highlight

The Manor House: Littleton, CO
Address: 1 Manor House Road Littleton, Colorado 80127
Phone: 303-799-1000
The Manor House in Littleton Colorado was one of the best wedding venues that I toured when I was searching for the perfect place to get married. The house itself is so grand which is exactly what many brides are looking for on their wedding day. There are only a small handful of places in Colorado that spring to mind when looking for a wedding venue that looks like it's straight out of the south. If photos of mansions that look like the Tara Plantation from Gone With the Wind are pinned to your pinterest wedding board you must do yourself a favor and check it out. It sits atop a hill with 360 degree views of Deer Creek Canyon and the foothills. Off in the distance you can even spot the skyline of downtown Denver which is about forty minutes away.  
For those who like history the Manor House is sure to please. It was once owned (and commissioned) by John Shaffer, a man who made his fortune in the cattle, grain, and railroad industries. He asked the architect Frank Edbrooke (the architect who built the incredible Brown Palace Hotel) to build the American Georgian house which was completed in 1914. He named his cattle company after his sons Ken and Caryl which is what this area is knows as today. You know this mansion is fit to host a wedding because it once housed both President Theodore Roosevelt and President William Howard Taft. How many other venues in Colorado can say the same?  
One thing I particularly liked about the Manor House is that it blended it's historical charm with modern conveniences quite well. I can't stand it when a historical building has been so updated and renovated that you walk in and can't see the difference from a house built in this century. The Manor House isn't like that. You walk in and you still have a sense of it's history. This isn't to say that they haven't invested in the property to turn it into the perfect place to host a wedding. There are a number of features that they have added to turn it into a charming place to host your wedding.  
They have turned the basement area into quite the cozy man-cave with exposed brick walls. There is a flat screen T.V., a pool table, and tons of comfy leather chairs. I joked that if I were to book the place that my husband and I might have to trade getting ready spaces. The gals area is quite lovely itself. It's located on the second floor with plenty of space to spill out of the getting ready room if needed. Plus the light coming in all of those windows is just a photographer's dream!  
The outdoor spaces at the Manor House are gorgeous and not just because of the views. There is a big beautiful manicured lawn right in front and the backyard ceremony space houses a lovely garden. And if you prefer wild tall prairie grass which Colorado is known for it's right there waiting for you too. Right next to the house is the huge white tent which is both air conditioned and heated depending on what you need. If the weather is nice the sides can be opened up to the surrounding gardens and lawn and if not, the sides of the tent have clear windows so guests can still see the beauty outside. And the roof is billowy and white with a lovely chandelier hanging from it. It's definitely not your typical white tent.  
I saved my absolute favorite thing about the Manor House for last. This is the one feature that made it very hard for me to go anywhere else to get married and that is the huge wraparound porch. I don't know what it is about a big patio, but the Manor House has the widest most beautiful porch. It's grand enough to hold your first dance or the cocktail hour and in fact it even has room for tables and umbrellas. There is a grand staircase leading up to it and an even grander chandelier hanging from it's tall ceiling. Just thinking about it makes me want to go sit on a porch swing and sip some sweet tea on a hot summer day!  
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