This is the part where I’m supposed to make myself sound really rad and interesting and convince you that you’ll want to be best friends with me because of how irresistible my quirky personality is. But the truth is I’m kind of boring, I won’t be the life of your party (and really, I shouldn’t be!), and I’m writing this in my polka-dotted sweat pants covered in cat hair. So mainly, I won’t go on and on about me, because this significant time in your life is all about you. I will, however, deliver spectacular pictures of your wedding because I find it inspiring to photograph love stories, and I’d love to be there for yours.

I’ve been photographing weddings for over 15 years, and have been trusted by hundreds of happy couples to commemorate their celebrations. I truly love all the excitement, the traditions both old and new, and the happy family reunions. And I’ve never once accidentally worn a white dress or wrestled the bouquet out of a bridesmaid’s hands, because I am a professional.  
Get in touch! I want to know who you are, and about the details of the celebration you are looking forward to, and what you would love for your wedding day. (And I solemnly vow I won’t show up at your wedding covered in cat hair!)


Road trips in Gilda (my vintage boler camper) with my vintage husband, butternut squash in every recipe, gardening, being bad at gardening, being bad, binge watching until almost the very end of a series and then moving on, reading and listening to audiobooks (mostly fiction, with some thrillers, history, and a little bit of reportage true crime type of stuff thrown in), harassing my 3 elderly cats with love, drinking too much coffee and Colorado beer (New Belgium Ranger IPA is my long time fave), being a sucker for songs with harmonica thrown in, roller skating and reminiscing Al Bundy style about the time my team and I won the 2010 WFTDA Roller Derby International Championship.


Tomatoes, wet socks, waking up early, litterbugs, football games with zero sacks, naysayers, extra charges for guacamole, malfeasance, tailgating + people who clog the left lane, reading the comments, and couples who are too cool to show affection for each other. 

Denver Wedding Photographer

Travel you ask? Why yes I do...FIND OUT MORE

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Each of the photo galleries Below show the best photos from Colorado weddings I've photographed in the past.  Each one shows a different part of the wedding day, engagement sessions, as well as other types of events.

 All righty, let’s talk about money and how much this is will cost. After years of using set packages that I designed for my wedding clients I’ve decided to go in a completely new, more custom direction when it comes to pricing for your wedding. This way you can create a package that is exactly what works best for you!  

First you’ll decide on the number of hours that you need on your wedding day. (Feel free to get in touch to talk about your wedding and the timeline and I can advise on what would realistically make the most sense. Most typical wedding days need at least 6-8 hours of coverage) Then you’ll add the a la carte items to your package at 30% off of their list price to create a completely custom wedding package that fits your wedding perfectly. Due to the custom nature of these packages the price will range pretty widely.
Hourly coverage starts at 4 hours for $3,500 and goes up to 8 hours of coverage for $5,600 

Engagement sessions, save the date cards, guestbooks, custom fine art albums, 2nd photographers, rehearsal dinner coverage, photobooths and more are available as add ons for your package at 30% off the list price when you include them in your wedding package.  
The average wedding package price is $4,800
*The minimum wedding package price for a weekend date (Friday-Sunday) during regular wedding season (between May 15th-October 15th) is $4,800
**Short notice weddings: If we are 10 weeks or less from a weekend date during regular wedding season any hourly package is available.
Holla at me and we’ll create a package specifically for you!

Denver Wedding Photography Pricing



If you’ve looked at more than one wedding photographer website by now I’m sure you’ve heard every last one of them mention how much they love to travel (of course, who doesn’t?!) and I’m right there with them in that respect. I’m not only ready and willing to pack my camera bags to photograph your wedding outside of Colorado, I’d downright love the opportunity to do that. Travel within the state of Colorado is included with every wedding package that is at least 6 hours. Shorter coverage weddings will have the in state Colorado travel included if they reach the $3,350 price point. I quote for travel on a case by case basis for the packages that do not reach the $3,350 threshold and for weddings that will be taking place outside the state of Colorado. Still have questions about the travel part of all this? No problem, just click here and ask away!

“Your pictures are exactly what we hoped for, high quality, classic, and an expression of our day.”


“We could never thank you enough for the incredible way you captured the best day of our lives. You are so talented, and sweet, and a pleasure to work with.”


“Thank you for capturing such wonderful memories of our wedding day! We can’t stop looking at the photos and everyone raved about the sneak peek! You did an amazing job and were such a joy to work with throughout the entire process.”


“Thank you very much for providing an exceptional level of comfort and patience to Matt & I on our wedding day. You are exactly what we needed and it shows in the photos. We greatly appreciate your professionalism & chill presence.”


Real Client Reviews

Still on the fence about who to hire for your wedding photography?


I get it, I was a bride myself once upon a time and remember how overwhelming it was to sort through all of the options out there. I wrote an advice article with my top 5 tips for how to hire a wedding photographer to help you! Check it out this ADVICE FOR HIRING YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER ARTICLE!

On the hunt for a wedding venue or other vendors to help at your wedding? Check out my favorites in the vendor directory

You still have questions? Splendid, because I have answers!  


* Will you be the photographer at our wedding?

Of course! I don’t currently have an associate photographer program so I will be the one photographing your wedding. I bring a non-photographing assistant with me to every wedding that I photograph. 2nd photographers are not automatically included in packages but they can be added.

*Will you cover the wedding rehearsal dinner too?

You will have the option to add on rehearsal dinner coverage to your wedding package. However, I do a lot of non-Saturday weddings so it’s possible that I may have a wedding booked during your rehearsal dinner. I will book rehearsal dinners once we are 10 weeks from your wedding date so that I can accommodate potential weddings first. If I am unavailable to cover your rehearsal dinner I am more than happy to help you find someone who can cover it for you.  

*What equipment do you use?

I could rock your wedding with a flip-phone camera! But for all you equipment geeks out there: I use Canon because that is the brand I bought in college for my photography classes and I never wanted to switch. I used an old Canon AE 1 film camera when I was going to Metro State here in Denver. Now I use multiple different Canon camera bodies (I just upgraded to the mirrorless R5 and R6), lots of different glass (24-70 mm 2.8 is my workhorse at weddings but I also use the 100 mm 2.8, the 70-200 2.8, 85 mm 1.2, and every once in awhile the 16-35 mm 2.8), and I bring canon 600 EX-RT speedlights with me for additional lighting throughout the day. And yes, I have and bring backup equipment to every wedding.

*Do we get the rights to our photos?

Yes, you will have the personal rights to use your photos anyway you see fit as long as it’s not for commercial use. That basically means you can make your own prints, share your pictures on facebook and social media and any other way you want to as long as it’s not for a business. If you aren’t sure, just ask. I usually say yes!

*What happens if you die?

I’m going to go ahead and forgive you for mentioning my untimely death to let you know that you will be in good hands. My ghost will absolutely take care of you! But seriously, I have a set plan in place to help you get your money back if it’s before your wedding and try to set you up with a new photographer. Now let’s move on from this morbid question before you jinx me!

*If we cancel the wedding will we get our retainer back?

Unfortunately, no. When I enter into a contract with my couples I am agreeing to take their wedding date off of my calendar and must turn away anyone else who asks me about that date. Your retainer fee is paying for the reservation of that date and is non-refundable.  

*Can you recreate my Pinterest wedding board?

How many photos are we talkin’ here? If it’s a couple, sure! Do you have hundreds of shots pinned and you want to try and make all of them happen? Sadly, as much as I want to make your wedding dreams come true I do have to set realistic expectations about what’s possible. A wedding is a very unique day with tons of stuff happening. Although I adore creating incredible photos with my couples I don’t advise spending inordinate amounts of time recreating other people’s wedding photos when you could be spending that time living in the moment with your new spouse and your friends and family. You are awesome and unique, so let’s make pictures that other people will want to pin as inspiration for their wedding day instead! All that being said, don’t be shy about sharing your vision board with me. I enjoy seeing what you are drawn to.

*What about working with a shot list?

I prefer not to work from a shot list with things like “Photo of dress hanging in a tree, detail photo of the ice sculpture, bride hugging dad etc….” I find that if a list like that is presented to me on a wedding day I spend the day worried about the list with my nose buried in it wondering what I’ve missed. Instead, I keep my eyes peeled for all of the incredible moments happening around me on your wedding day, and get the photos that no list could ever predict. I am more than happy to share some full weddings with you so that you can see my coverage style and assuage any fears you may have about working from a list. However, I do like to work from a list for the family formal photos. That is one part of the day where I think it’s good to have a pre-planned list that we’ve discussed and know what the general timing for it will be. That way no one has to think on the fly and figure out which family members we’ve forgotten to photograph. I will help you prepare and plan for this list prior to your wedding day.

*My wedding venue is challenging and I’m worried that it won’t look good in pictures.

Have no fear, I have had to adapt to plenty of tough situations, and I pride myself on creating beautiful photos no matter what the setting is. We can talk through potential issues and figure out solutions prior to the day. With over 15 years of photographing weddings I’m sure I’ve seen it before!  

*Do you have recommendations for Hair/ Makeup Artist/ Wedding Planning /DJ/ Officiant /Venue etc..?

Do I ever! I actually created a detailed, in-depth vendor guide for brides who are planning their wedding. It has photos of other vendors work/how their venues look and some extra information to help you pick the perfect people to help you on your wedding day. Check it out on the Venues and Vendors pages!

*How many photos do you deliver from a wedding day?

This is a hard one to answer since every wedding is so different and I don’t promise a set # of images per hour. I will say that on average for a full wedding day (at least 6-10 hours) I’ve been delivering anywhere from 400ish-900ish unique images for my previous clients. The number of guests/wedding party members, family members and formal pictures, having a dance floor etc… all play a role in the # of images from a wedding day. I’m more than happy to share a few complete weddings with you so you can get a sense of the number of images delivered and the coverage. Just ask!

*What can I expect for the retouching of my images?

Every image will be lightly retouched before being delivered to you. And every image that is ordered (either as a print or selected for your wedding album) or included in your blog preview will have the full retouching done to it. See below for one examples.  I have some other examples on the What Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Article!

Original, unretouched image

Lightly retouched image

Fully retouched image

*How do we book you for our wedding?

I’ve been waiting for you to ask this! I would love to photograph your wedding day and to officially reserve your date I will need a signed wedding contract and a retainer fee (the amount depends on your package but is generally whatever is less; 50% of the package or $1,000). The remainder of your wedding package is due two weeks before your wedding. Go ahead and get in touch and we’ll get your wedding on my calendar!  

This is the part where you get to tell me about you!  


Contact Me!

I do my very best to return emails as soon as possible but I do head out of Denver for sessions and weddings often. Sometimes your email never makes it to me so if you haven’t heard from me within 48 hours please try again just in case stranger things are going on (and also just in case I got sucked into a marathon Stranger Things binge and need help out!) I’d hate to miss the opportunity to chat with you about your wedding!