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Beautiful Fall Family Portraits at Roxborough

November 14, 2022

Roxborough State Park Family Portraits During Autumn

I have the world’s cutest toddler girl on the journal today. Her dad gifted her mama a family portrait session and they decided to use it before the weather got too chilly. Originally we were going to head to a different fall color location but they decided to go for the pretty red rocks backdrop at Roxborough State Park after seeing another family I photographed there recently. This little girl was such a dream to photograph. All toddlers have meltdowns at their family photoshoot but she got over hers so quickly and gave me all of these great expressions throughout their session. Plus, Roxborough requires a bit more walking than some of my other locations so she was really quite a trooper to last as long as she did. I had a really hard time narrowing down which hilarious expressions to share of her so I opted to include a variety. It’s too hard to pick a favorite, but that photo of her tearing down the path while screaming her head off cracks me up. Especially when you compare it to the last photo I got of her just waltzing down the road like a fashion model. Below is just a small amount of some of my favorites.

Beautiful family portrait created during fall at Roxborough State Park
Mom and dad swing their toddler as they walk along the path at Roxborough State Park
Cute toddler girl wearing a maroon dress and tan booties smiles at the camera with her parents off in the background
Toddler full of excitement runs along the path at Roxborough State Park
Adorable Toddler Smiles at her parents on the path at Roxborough State Park
Cute toddler girl walks down the road at Roxborough State Park During Fall
Sweet family photo during fall at Roxborough State Park in Colorado

Please take a look at the FAMILIES page of my site and reach out if you are looking to get  your own family portraits done. I would love to help out!


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