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Boulder Colorado Anniversary Photography at Lost Gulch Overlook

April 20, 2019

Celebrating your marriage with an anniversary photography session

I am sharing a gorgeous Boulder Colorado anniversary photography session on the journal today. I am firmly in the camp that we should enjoy the little things in life and that there’s never a bad reason to celebrate relationship milestones.  A lot of people get married and that’s the last time they feel that it’s acceptable to get professional photos created for themselves unless they decide to start a family with children.  But I think an anniversary photography photoshoot is a really sweet way to acknowledge relationship successes and spend time with your sweetheart. Afterall, the photography sessions of the past with stiff poses and a rictus grin plastered on your face are no longer the norm.  At the sessions I do, I like to gently coax my couples into natural poses and create real laughs through questions and prompts. The goal isn’t only to create a beautiful photo that you can hang on the wall but to also have a really great time doing it!

A previous Boulder Colorado Anniversary Photography Session at South Mesa Trail in Boulder

Kristin and Manish came to me a handful of years ago to create pictures together with their sweet pug, Hoppi for their one year anniversary.  On a sad note, Hoppi has since passed away but it’s a gentle reminder that these things matter. We went to the South Mesa Trail back then which you can see HERE.  It makes me smile to know that they now have those beautiful snowy photos with Hoppi that they can cherish for a long time to come. They have a new pug named Mr. Fudd now too.  He is too little to make it this time at such a precarious location (there are some pretty steep drop offs if you aren’t careful!) but hopefully he’ll get to come next time.   

Lost Gulch Overlook Boulder CO Anniversary Photography

I was delighted when Kristin contacted me this winter to check in about possibly doing a 5 year wedding anniversary photography session.  This time she wanted to go for a more formal glam look and I love what they showed up to the session wearing. Kristin opted for a gorgeous full length sequin dress in blue and Manish looked so handsome in his grey suit with blue pocket square.  We needed a location to match this more dramatic, high fashion look and decided that Lost Gulch Overlook would definitely fit the bill for drama. It has stunning mountain views that don’t require any work except for scrambling around on the rocks a little bit.  

It is a very popular location these days so you never know what kind of crowd you might find here, but the views are so pretty that it’s worth fighting a bit of a crowd.  I will say it’s not great for the shy folks but if you don’t mind a little PDA it’s great! I thought Kristin and Manish looked incredible in their blue clothing especially since we were lucky to get a nice cloudy blue sky that evening.  We did run into quite a bit of wind, but I think it added to the drama quite nicely. The only downside is that we weren’t able to photograph quite as long as we normally would because it was freezing. But, Manish and Kristen are so resilient that you can’t even tell that they were quite chilly during this session.

I’ve shared some of my favorites below.  Check them out!

Boulder Colorado Lost Gulch Overlook Anniversary Photography
Pretty Backlit Couples Photo at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder
Husband kisses his wife at Lost Gulch Overlook photography session in Boulder
Dramatic Anniversary photography overlooking Boulder at Lost Gulch Overlook
A Boulder Couple laughs at sunset at Lost Gulch Overlook in Colorado
A beautiful couple laughs together as they get anniversary portraits created on a windy chilly spring day at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder Colorado
Beautiful Anniversary Couples Photography at Lost Gulch Lookout in Boulder Colorado
Sweet Natural Couples Photography at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder Colorado
Boulder B&W Couples Photography for a 5 Year Anniversary at Lost Gulch Overlook
It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but I am really drawn to this B&W photo this time!
Beautiful landscape photo from Flagstaff Road behind Chautauqua Park in Boulder Colorado
As I was driving back down Flagstaff Road I had to pull over to catch that incredible scenery!

If you are curious to see another chilly example from Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder check out this photography session done during December!


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