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Bat Mitzvah Photographer in Colorado | Temple Emanuel in Denver’s Hilltop Neighborhood

February 21, 2019

I get to share a very special family event on the journal this afternoon. My sister in law, Jordana, just celebrated her bat mitzvah here in Denver. Around 13 years ago, my husband Geoff and I were still in our first year of dating and we were both slowing starting to get to know each other’s very large families. I knew he had 3 siblings who were all very spread out in age with one of them being his half sister. I’m no stranger to this because I’m the oldest in my family and there are 13 years between me and my youngest brother. Then, Geoff’s step-mom, Nellie got pregnant with Jordana and their age spread (26 years!) definitely kicked me and my brother’s age difference straight to the curb, haha. And Jordana was such an adorable little baby. I remember her hilarious spiky red hair and she had the sweetest disposition too. She has a very special place in this family. She may be the “baby” of the siblings, but she gets to play the role of big sister/cousin/friend with the next generation of Kaufmans (although technically she’s their aunt, haha) When writing this, I just had to go back and look through some of the photos I took of her when she was younger. I realized that she has grown up alongside my photography business so I have good photos to document her throughout the years which is pretty neat.

She recently turned 13 years old and became a bat mitzvah at Temple Emanuel here in Colorado where the Kaufman family have been long time congregant members. She’s been preparing for this day for a long time and I don’t just mean Hebrew school. She’s been a constant at family events and is always involved one way or another. She has been the flower girl at all of her big brother and sister’s weddings. We’ve had so many Kaufman family celebrations throughout the years (So many! If there is one thing the Kaufmans like to do, it’s celebrate:) and it’s pretty great that today I get to share the first big one of many more that focus specifically on Jordana and her accomplishments.

Jordana, we are all really proud of you. It’s a blessing to watch you grow up and see the fantastic young woman you have become. I know you have a bright and happy future ahead of you. Mazel tov!
Love you,

Family snapshot photo with newborn baby

Family huddled together in backyard gazebo in Littleton

All of the siblings together when Jordana was just a little baby!

Little girl at Hudson Gardens during spring

Toddler girl snapshot photos

Toddler flower girl at Grant Humphreys Mansion in Denver

Jenny was the first to get married and I think this was Jordana’s first flower girl gig

B&W close up of flower girl in Littleton CO

Then she was the flower girl at my wedding to Geoff.
Photo by Yan Photo

Jewish wedding flower girl on the chair

She’s no stranger to the Horah chair dance.

Family hike at Red Rocks

I am always behind the camera so I thought I’d share a couple from a family hike we went on at Red Rocks awhile back.

Flower girl indoors at Highlands Ranch Mansion in Littleton CO

And flower girl part III at Brandon & Lauren’s wedding.

Flower girl speech at Highlands Ranch Mansion

Already giving speeches at a young age!

Bat mitzvah girl wearing blue lace dress in Denver CO

And here she is now, so grown up!

Classic Bat Mitzvah Portrait with the Torah at Temple Emanuel

Family photo with the torah at Temple Emanuel Bat Mitzvah

Huge family portrait on a bat mitzvah day in Denver CO

Reading from the Torah at a Bat Mitzvah in Denver

Cantor signs bat mitzvah contract at Temple Emanuel

Proud parents of a bat mitzvah girl in Denver CO

Girls signs bat mitzvah contract at Temple Emanuel

Temple Emanuel Bat Mitzvah Photography in CO

Family preparing for a bat mitzvah at Temple Emanuel in Denver

Detail photos of the tables set up for Bat mitzvah party in Denver

Bright colorful table centerpieces in Denver CO

Bright florals table centerpieces for a Denver Bat mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah girl playing with Hula Hoops Denver CO Jewish Party

Bat Mitzvah Photography in Denver CO

Portrait of a couple in the snow at a Bat Mitzvah Party

A snowy bat Mitzvah party day in Denver CO

Family posing for photos in the BougieBooth, a Denver CO Event Photobooth

Dressing up in the photobooth props at a Denver Bat Mitzvah

Dancing at a bat mitzvah in Denver

Denver Bat Mitzvah Party Photography

Family singing karaoke together at a bat mitzvah in Denver

Karaoke at a Bat Mitzvah in Denver CO

Karaoke at a Bat Mitzvah in Denver CO

Brandon/Kendrick Lamar Karaoke says “Sit Down” and so Benny does!

karaoke at a Bat Mitzvah in Denver

Mom with her daughter at a Bat Mitzvah party in Denver

Bat mitzvah girl on the chair during horah

Fun Bat Mitzvah Party in Denver CO

Horah Chair Dance Photo from a Denver Bat Mitzvah

Father on the chair Jewish horah Bat Mitzvah

Cute bat mitzvah photo of horah chair dance in Denver

Chair dance at a bat mitzvah in Denver CO

Horah Chair Dance jewish party Bat Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah Party Line Dancing in Denver CO

Cute photo of a bat mitzvah girl in Denver CO

If you would like to see more photos from various bar and bat mitzvah parties I’ve photographed throughout the years, please visit this page: Mitzvahs

Denver Colorado Temple: Temple Emanuel Park Hill Neighborhood, Denver CO
Reception Venue: Bethany Lutheran Cherry Hills Village, Denver CO


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