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Colorado LGBTQ Engagement Photography | Fall Color at Boulder Canyon

October 10, 2017

Colorado LGBTQ Engagement Photography

I have the prettiest fall color Colorado LGBTQ engagement photography session to share on the journal today! Kristen contacted me months ago to get her and Brittani on the calendar for their engagement photos. She was really excited to make sure to take advantage of getting some photos with the fall color that happens at the end of September. Unfortunately, when the day came it was during that week and a half or so when we were getting rained out almost every day! Luckily, our schedules lined up to move it just one day later and even though it was still a bit gray and overcast, there was no downpour to contend with.

We were originally planning to hit up the South Mesa Trail which is usually one of my favorite places, but they’ve been doing construction there for the past couple of months so it’s given me the opportunity to hit up some other locations that I’ve put on the back burner. Knowing that these two were really hoping for some fall color somewhere in the Boulder area I told them that the entrance to the Boulder Canyon Trail head has some pretty great color. The last time I photographed there it was mid-October and the foliage was bright yellow. We were photographing a little earlier in the season and the leaves were just starting to change. So we got to take advantage of that beautiful time during fall when it’s still halfway green with yellow starting to come in and little bits of red too. We definitely got to take advantage of a pretty lovely color palette that evening.

I’m actually glad that South Mesa wasn’t available because I had forgotten how pretty this area by Boulder Creek is even if you do have to watch out for bikers barreling through on the trail. Brittani works for the State Patrol and she and Kristen really wanted to do a few photos with her in her uniform. She looked really great dressed up in her uniform with her badge and I found out that the style of hat that the State of Colorado uses is called a “Smokey Bear” campaign hat. These two look so great together and I had so much fun getting know them and their story during the session. They met during college playing softball back in Wisconsin. Now they’re living in Colorado and getting married in Hawaii soon! Congratulations to this adorable happy couple! Check out some of my favorites from their Colorado LGBTQ Engagement Photography session below!

Pretty Fall Color Colorado LGBTQ Engagement Photography
Detail of engagement rings from a Colorado LGBTQ Engagement Photography Session
Sweet Moment at a Colorado LGBTQ Engagement Photography Session at Boulder Creek

My favorite!

Colorado LGBTQ Engagement Photography during fall color season at Boulder Creek Trail
Colorado LGBTQ Engagement Photography next to Boulder Creek
Sweet portrait from Colorado LGBTQ Engagement Photography Session at Boulder Creek

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