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Denver Colorado Business Headshots

March 12, 2012

My friend Mandy who I actually know better as La La Shove You (You got that Pixies reference?  Cool, ’cause they’re awesome!)  asked me if I could do her headshots for her Lia Sophia jewelry company and of course I said yes!  Not only is she an amazing business woman and mother, but she also skates with me at Rocky Mountain Rollergirls.  She is in charge of all of our league’s events.  Talk about a woman with an insanely busy schedule.   But she somehow manages to support her family with Lia Sophia while also doing things like plan our roller derby prom on a $0 budget.  La la, you rock!  I hope you love your photos:)
Check out her Lia Sophia jewelry business here: www.facebook.com/mandymlindsay
She can also be reached at 720-474-1656

Colorado Natural Headshots

Outside of St. Mark’s
Denver Business Headshot

My favorite:)
Colorado Business Headshots

Interested in getting your own small business headshot portraits created? Be sure to check out the HEADSHOTS area of my site and get in touch!


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  1. sally says:

    gorgeous colors and clarity! And beautiful gal, too!!

  2. Jacqueline L says:

    What a beautiful lady! Great posing and I love how you framed her in the window!

  3. Becky says:

    Cool jewelry! The model is beautiful too!

  4. MelissaKlein says:

    Shes gorgeous! I love how natural these are. Beautiful lighting, too!

  5. Jaidean says:

    These are beautiful!!!

  6. rose says:

    These are just gorgeous!