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Denver Headshot Photographer | Cherry Creek Colorado Headshots

September 26, 2014

Cherry Creek Headshots in Denver

I’m excited to share these beautiful, outdoor Cherry Creek Headshots on the journal today. I met up with Michelle the other day because she wanted to get new headshots created in her Cherry Creek neighborhood in central Denver. We opted to create them in more a lifestyle headshot kind of session for a more casual feel for them. We also included her two dogs since they are a special part of her life. She is launching a fantastic new blog all about healthy living and she needed some updated pictures to go along with this new endeavor of hers. Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s also one tough lady.  She’s a cancer survivor and all around wonderful person. She lives with her two adorable dogs and we made sure to include them in a few of the photos too. Since she lives in the Cherry Creek area we met up there and just walked around the bustling neighborhood and found a bunch of fantastic areas to use all within about a 1 block radius. I love that this area is such a bustling and busy location full of restaurants and shops making it easy to find some cool little photo backdrops for her Cherry Creek headshots.  We found that cool wood wall right outside of Aviano which is one of my favorite coffee shops in Denver.  She’s incredibly photogenic and these are just a tiny handful of the beautiful photos we created for her that afternoon. Check out all of my favorites below!

Cherry Creek Headshots with nice Ivy Wall Backdrop
Cherry Creek Headshots in Denver
Beautiful woman walks her two cute dogs during her lifestyle Cherry Creek headshots
Gorgeous Cherry Creek Headshots in Denver

I couldn’t decide if this one or the last one is my favorite.

Beautiful garden backdrop for Cherry Creek Headshots
Cherry Creek Headshots with Pretty Wood Wall Backdrop in Denver

Are you interested in finding out more about getting your own headshots created for your own entrepreneurial endeavors? Be sure to take a look at the HEADSHOTS area of my site where you’ll find lots of information.


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  1. Lovely session. I like how you mix the classic headshots with ones that show movement and her lifestyle.

  2. Andrea says:

    Gorgeous work April! She’s stunning!

  3. Rhonda says:

    These are fantastic .. what great variety in such a small area! She’s going to have a hard time choosing .. she looks beautiful in all of them. And her dogs are too adorable!

  4. Colin says:

    I love the wood background in the sixth photo and am more than a little jealous that you can still do outdoor headshots–the weather rapidly takes a turn for the rainy and snowy up here. 🙁