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Evergreen Couples Photography in a Colorado Aspen Forest

July 11, 2019

Beautiful Mountain Views on Squaw Pass Road in Evergreen Colorado

I photographed this Evergreen couples photography at one of my number one favorite photography locations in the entire state of Colorado.  The best part about this location is that it’s only about 30 minutes from my house on the west side of Denver and it features so many things that I love to have in the environment for my photography sessions.  It’s this huge gorgeous mountain meadow located about 20 min or so up Squaw Pass Road. During the fall, it’s a pretty popular portrait photography location because of its numerous aspen trees which turn golden and grow in a few different little groves at this spot.  During the summer months there are beautiful little yellow wildflowers. I tried to use an app to figure out what they’re called and I am guessing that they are either Birds-foot trefoil or Meadow Pea. But whatever they are, they are beautiful! 

In addition to the large aspen tree groves, there is a pretty little mountain hill at this spot.  If you drive up Squaw Pass Road just a little further there is a nice pull off where you can get some great photos with layers upon layers of mountains in the backdrop.  I always try to time this last location to be right around sunset so that the pretty sunset sky backdrop compliments the blue mountains.   

Mature Evergreen Couples Photography in a Mountain Meadow Aspen Tree Grove

Linette’s daughter gave her a gift card to get a photography session done.  They have been married for over 30 years but they don’t have many nice, professional photos with each other.  I think that is such an awesome gift to give to your parents. Not only is it fun for them (trust me, I was doing my best to keep them entertained at the session with silly prompts and games) but it means that now their daughter will get to have a nice photo of her mom and her step-dad too if she wants.  I wish that more mature couples would take the opportunity to capture their love together after so many years as partners. I’m not going to disparage newlyweds and engaged couples for getting photos created as that’s such a special time in life, but it’s truly remarkable when people are able to find that special someone and create a lasting bond with each other.  I think that’s something worth celebrating and capturing in a photography session. In fact, I’m going to remember this session and how much fun it was to photograph these two together and do something similar with my husband as we reach some relationship milestone years!  

Congratulations to Linette and Keith on 30 years of marriage and cheers to them for creating such a special love.  As we all know, that’s not always easy to find and it was wonderful for me to witness how head over heels they still are for each other!  

Wood Tipi backdrop in an Aspen Forest in Evergreen Colorado Family Photo
Gorgeous wildflower mountain meadow Evergreen Couples Portraits in Aspen Tree Grove
Man kisses his wife at their Colorado mountain photography session in aspen tree grove
Pretty Aspen Forest Couples Portrait in Evergreen Colorado
Cute couples portrait at an Evergreen Colorado Mountain Photography session
Romantic Couples Portrait with aspen tree grove backdrop in Evergreen Colorado
Couple laughs together at their photo session in the mountains of Evergreen Colorado
Evergreen Couples Photography with Pretty Blue Mountain Backdrop on Squaw Mountain Road

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