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Flatirons Vista Trailhead Senior Photos in Boulder Colorado

August 18, 2020

Senior Photography with Mountain Views at Flatirons Vista Trailhead

I’ve got the coolest Flatirons Vista Trailhead senior yearbook photoshoot to share on the blog today.  I met up with Hailey to create these gorgeous senior photos for her at the Flatirons Vista Trailhead which is just a little bit south of Boulder right off of highway 93 which connects to Golden.  I have to admit, this location was not our first choice.  I knew Hailey wanted some nice Boulder mountain views and normally that would mean going to a place like Chautauqua or Lost Gulch Overlook up Flagstaff Road.  However, my favorite alternative to those two locations is a place called South Mesa Trail which has more parking and doesn’t require a shuttle ride like Chautauqua does on the weekends during summer. 

Perfect Alternative Location for Chatauqua Park in South Boulder

We were all set to meet up at South Mesa Trail when I remembered that I have to make reservations to use the OSMP permit for Boulder due to Covid-19.  I believe they are trying to keep the number of people using the trails down and limiting each location to just one photographer per time slot is how Boulder has chosen to do that.  Sadly, the time we wanted to do Hailey’s photos was unavailable at South Mesa Trail, so I suggested we try out Flatirons Vista Trailhead.  I’ve driven by so many times on my way to other locations and have always thought it would make a great photo spot for my clients but just haven’t gotten around to using it, until now.  I LOVE what we were able to create for Hailey at her session.  There’s not quite as much plant life or trees at this location.  It’s much more of an open field, but once you walk in about 15 minutes on the path, it opens up to the most spectacular mountain views.  

And Hailey tried to warn me when she first got in touch that she was not photogenic.  I could not disagree with her more!  These pictures are proof that she’s actually quite natural in front of the camera.  How many people can say that they have both an awesome “serious” face and a beautiful smile?  I know I can’t, I hate all of my “serious” photos.  Hailey is gorgeous in both!  I also love her cool glasses and that she rocked some without as well.  I loved the variety in her outfits and my new favorite senior photo I’ve taken in awhile is the one where she showed off her cross country running prowess by posing with all of her old running shoes she’s gone through.  (That’s not even all of them in the photo!)   I had a tough time narrowing them down again, but the images below are some of my favorites from Hailey’s spectacular Flatirons Vista Trailhead senior photos.  I highly recommend that location!

Cute photo of a senior girl posing on the path with nice mountain backdrop at Flatirons Vista Trailhead
Cute high school senior girl wearing B&W stripes and black jumper with combat boots at Flatirons Vista Trailhead in Boulder
Senior yearbook portraits for a girl wearing glasses sitting in the field at Flatirons Vista
Boulder senior girl portrait at Flatirons Vista
Awesome high school senior cross country athlete runner photo with mountain backdrop
Beautiful high school senior portrait wearing cross country jersey with mountain backdrop at Sunset
A happy high school senior girl laughs at her yearbook portrait session at Flatirons Vista in South Boulder
Gorgeous Sunset Mountain Boulder High School Senior Photos at Flatirons Vista Trailhead
Stunning sunset senior girl portrait with pretty mountain sunset backdrop in Boulder
Smiling Senior Girl with Ombre hair wearing glasses and white tshirt at Flatirons Vista Trailhead at Sunset
Boulder Senior Portraits with huge mountain backdrop in a grassy field in Boulder CO

If you’d like to have your own senior photos created, be sure to check out the SENIORS page of my website and email me today! 


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