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Denver Engagement Photography | Urban Portraits at Larimer Square & Cherry Creek Bike Path

January 11, 2017

Larimer Square Engagement Photos

I have the prettiest Larimer Square engagement photos to share on the journal this evening. I gotta admit, I’m pretty excited about this latest engagement photo session I did with Kelly and Kael on Monday afternoon. We met on Friday and I was telling them how much I like to go to downtown Denver for photo shoots when it’s winter time because it’s easier to find some color to incorporate into the pictures in an urban landscape than a dry dead winter landscape. And luckily they went with my suggestion.

Denver Urban Engagement Photography with String Lights

Larimer Square is definitely high up on my favorite locations list because those strings lights at dusk with a beautiful blue sky behind them are hard to beat in the beauty department. It’s always at the top of my list for downtown Denver engagement session locations. I arrived early since it’s been awhile since I photographed in this area so I could scope it out and see what’s new, what’s still looking great etc… and decided to walk down by the Cherry Creek path to see if there was anything interesting going on down there. It was actually a last minute decision and I didn’t have a lot of time before I was supposed to meet up with Kelly and Kael but I was shocked to find one of the prettiest pieces of public artwork I think I’ve ever seen. My good friend who teaches at Auraria let me know that this particular mural is called “City of the Sun” by Gemma Danielle. (Perfect name for Denver, btw) Looking at it I was reminded of how much I used to love playing with my spirograph when I was a kid! I jogged back over to our meeting point and when I saw them walking over literally wearing the exact perfect clothing to go with the wall I couldn’t believe how lucky I am. Kelly and Kael brought their super cute doggies with them and we had a lot of fun wrangling them for pictures. (Shout out to their giraffe squeaky toy and to Kael’s mom and husband for helping us create these pictures!)

Kelly and Kael,
Thanks for being weirdly psychic with your outfit choices and for the good time at your session! I’ll be in touch with your full gallery soon!

My favorite:) Kelly has a wonderful laugh!

Pretty Blue Mural for engagement photos near Larimer Square in downtown Denver
Cute engagement picture with blue mural backdrop along Cherry Creek Bike Path
Beautiful Larimer Square Engagement Photos
Larimer Square Engagement Photos at night during winter
Cute couple with their two dogs at their Larimer Square Engagement Photos
Beautiful Cherry Creek Bike Path Denver Engagement
Downtown Denver Larimer Square Engagement Photos Night on the Town Date Night Style Pictures

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