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Springtime Colorado Family Photography | Historic Redstone Mining Town

June 6, 2016

Redstone Family Photos in Mountains of Colorado

I have some adorable Redstone family photos to share today.  It is always a pleasure for me when I get to travel across I-70 to meet up with this family. It’s been a few years since I photographed Pascal and Jen’s wedding in Steamboat Springs and since then their little family has grown. Emma is growing so fast and is a little girl now and her baby sister Ayva is already one years old! They live over in the Glenwood Springs area and so every time we meet to update their family photos we get to go to a new beautiful location since that part of Colorado is so pretty. This time we met up where Jen’s parents were staying at the Redstone Inn for some vacation time in Redstone, Colorado.

Historic Redstone, Colorado Family pictures next to Crystal River

I have never been to Redstone before but I was excited to get to come out and check it out since I’m photographing a wedding there this fall. It’s a really cute little mountain town that used to be a “company town” for a coal mining operation in the early 1900’s. The streets are lined with little old historic cottages that the miners used to live in with their families. And across the highway the coke ovens are still visible right along the street. At the entrance to the town sits the Redstone Inn where visitors can stay and enjoy the incredible scenery. The main castle is just a 5 minute drive south from there where you can tour a “Robber Baron’s” castle and where they filmed some scenes from the movie The Prestige. There is even a pretty little river stream with a nice little park that follows the main street in town and that’s where we went to create these cute family photos. I loved it there and can’t wait to go back and see what it looks like this fall! Check out my favorite Redstone family photos from their springtime family picture session below!

Cute spring time Redstone Family Photos
Spring pictures from a Redstone Family Photos session
Redstone Family Photos with Crystal River Backdrop
Redstone Family Photos next to Crystal River

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