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Colorado Same Sex Wedding Photography | Fall Color Lesbian Wedding in Golden

March 21, 2019

Table of Contents

A Colorado Same Sex Wedding Next to Clear Creek

How I juggled photographing my sister’s lovely creekside lesbian wedding while also being present and enjoying the day with her.

My sister married her partner, Meghan, at a beautiful outdoor Colorado same sex wedding ceremony in Golden, Colorado last fall.  There’s an ongoing debate among photographers about whether to photograph close friends and family weddings or not.  On one side, you have those who would rather attend the event as a guest so that they can fully participate and be truly present for their loved one.  It’s also true that no matter how much you love photographing weddings, it’s still a lot of hard work to do it right. Plus, will your close friend or loved one be sad if you aren’t in any of the photos because you’re on the other side of the camera working all day?  On the flip side of that coin, it can be hard to trust someone else to take care of your family the way you know that you can. And for some family and friends, budget is a concern. They may not be able to afford the photographer that you know you can trust.  I definitely fall into both camps when it comes to this issue. There is no one right answer for each and every situation.

There can be a happy medium for photographing your closest friends and family.

If my sister, Gabby, was in a position to hire whoever she wanted for her same sex wedding, I think the choice would have been clear to hire another capable photographer and allow myself to simply be her sister at her wedding.  But as we all know, you get what you pay for and I was not about to allow her to go cheap on her photographer for her wedding to Meghan. I know I’m biased but I think the photography is high up on the list of things to not skimp on at your wedding.  A good photographer can make your budget wedding look much nicer with the photographer tricks up their sleeve. And I wanted to do something nice for her and Meghan. So we began to devise a plan for how to make this happen.

Hiring a Second Photographer is imperative!

This is where I need to give a huge shout out and thank you to Katie O’Docharty, the awesome second photographer who I encouraged my sister to hire to allow me to step back during some parts of the day and enjoy the wedding as her big sister.  Knowing that I could ask Katie to take over a little more at the reception was such a huge relief for me. I was able to enjoy a couple drinks with family and friends, dance a little, and I was also able to give a toast and know that it was all being covered by a capable second photographer.  It also meant that I was present in the photos so that when Meghan and Gabby look back years from now they’ll get to see me in some of their pictures with them.

Let’s talk about what made Meghan & Gabby’s Colorado same sex wedding special!

My sister and Meghan have been together for 4 years now but in stereotypical lesbian fashion they were smitten and moved in together quite quickly after first meeting.  (I laugh as I say that because my husband and I did exactly the same thing! So, I know that this phenomenon not just for female same sex relationships and I say that in jest.  Sometimes you just know someone is right for you!) Meghan has three awesome kids already and it’s been truly beautiful to see Gabby join their family and become such a wonderful step-mom for them.  There is so much love and patience in their busy household. Gabby and Meghan truly want to give those kids the best life possible and they have built a beautiful life and family together.  I love seeing their teamwork together!

Lucky Brides at Their Colorado Same Sex Wedding 

Getting married the last weekend in October can be a little risky here in Colorado, especially the higher up in elevation you go.  Gabby and Meghan were lucky though because their same sex wedding day at the Golden Hotel ended up being a beautiful warm day. They were even walking barefoot down the path next to Clear Creek!  Perhaps it’s because of the lucky horseshoes that Meghan’s sisters bought for her and Gabby?  That is an Australian wedding tradition that their family keeps alive at their family weddings.  I love the way that the Golden Hotel has their ceremony site set up on the patio with beautiful views of the mountain with the “M” laid out in rocks from the School of Mines students. It’s a quintessential Golden Colorado wedding location for sure.  It’s nestled right next to Clear Creek and it’s just bustling with energy from all of the locals and tourists enjoying the great outdoors and local shops. They hosted a smaller, more intimate amount of guests and I thought the Golden Vista room for the reception was perfect.  It still had a ballroom feel with a dance floor and a bar, but the size wasn’t overwhelming for their smaller amount of guests.

Love to this lovely same sex couple!

Gabby & Meghan,

Thank you both for being patient for your photos.  I wanted to make sure I had the time to give them a lot of care and truly tell your wedding story well.  I love you both! Congratulations!

Pretty Jeweled Hair Barrette Golden Colorado Wedding Photo Colorado Lesbian Wedding Photography Two Bridal Gowns Hang in Golden Bride with stepdaughter at The Golden Hotel in Colorado B&W Colorado Fine Art Wedding Photographer at Golden Hotel Bride gets dressed on her autumn wedding day at Golden Hotel Mother of the Bride Helps Daughter at Golden Hotel Wedding in Colorado Beautiful B&W Bridal Photos from a Fine art Wedding at Golden Hotel in Colorado Bridal Photography at Golden Hotel in Colorado Same sex lesbian wedding photography two bouquets Colorado Golden Hotel Bridal Photography in Colorado B&W Fine Art Colorado Wedding Photography Golden Hotel Gorgeous Light at the Golden Hotel on a Fall Wedding day in Colorado Colorado wedding photographer at Golden Hotel Happy bride Colorado Wedding photography at Golden Hotel Bride photo on a Colorado wedding day at Golden Hotel Bride smiles at her daughter at her Golden Hotel Wedding Bride with her twin daughters at Golden Hotel in Colorado Two beautiful brides pose for portraits at the Golden Hotel in Colorado Lesbian Wedding Photography Detail Photo of Two Brides Shoes Six Pence Traditional Wedding Coin for Shoes in Colorado Lucky horse shoe Australian wedding tradition

Two bridal wedding rings for a lesbian wedding at the Golden Hotel

Two brides first look photos at the Golden Hotel in Colorado

Two brides same sex wedding first look at The Golden Hotel in Colorado

B&W Fine Art Wedding Photography at the Golden Hotel

Cute Lesbian Couple crosses the street under the Welcome to Golden Sign

Pinning on boutonniere for wedding portraits in Golden

Mother of the Bride relaxing during family photos in Golden Colorado

Clear Creek History Park Wedding candid photo

Cute family photo with young siblings including twins at Clear Creek History Park

A pretty family photo on a fall wedding day at Clear Creek History Park in Golden CO

Mother of Bride and Daughter Family Portrait at a Golden CO Wedding

Family pictures at a fall wedding in Golden Colorado

Couple wearing black to fall wedding kiss in a portrait in Colorado

This is my blog so I had to throw in a cute photo of Geoff and me!

Mother of Bride and Daughter Family Portrait at a Golden CO Wedding

A blended family portrait for a same sex couple on their wedding day in Golden Colorado

Cute couple poses for photo before start of wedding at The Golden Hotel

Outdoor Fall Wedding at the Golden Hotel in Colorado

Beautiful Fall Lesbian Wedding at The Golden Hotel in Colorado

Fall Color Outdoor Same Sex Wedding in Colorado

Brides hug their moms at their pretty Golden Hotel Wedding on the Patio

Mother of the Bride looks on at her daughter getting married at the Golden Hotel

Happy bride looks at her bride at their pretty outdoor fall wedding in Colorado

Gorgeous same sex happy wedding ceremony Brides Kiss at Colorado wedding

Beautiful moment from a same sex wedding at the Golden Hotel in Colorado

Classic couple portrait on the bridge over Clear Creek in Colorado

Pretty light from a fall wedding in Golden Colorado

Two brides kiss next to Clear Creek in Golden Colorado

A stunning Autumn wedding photo in Golden Colorado

Lesbian brides in love walk together on their Colorado wedidng day

Sweet same sex couple laugh together on their wedding day in Colorado

Beautiful Fall Wedding Portrait of Two Brides Embracing in Colorado

Two brides kiss on their wedding day in Colorado

Two beautiful brides with pretty eyes in Colorado

Beautiful lesbian wedding portrait with fall color backdrop

Beautiful same sex fall wedding portrait in Colorado

Sweet romantic lesbian wedding photo during fall color in Colorado

Golden Vista Room set up for purple colored wedding in Colorado

Purple wedding detail photos from The Golden Hotel in Colorado

Candy bar at a Golden Hotel Colorado wedding

Detail photo of Chocolate Chip Cookies at a Golden CO wedding

Happy Bakeshop Purple Wedding Cake at The Golden Hotel in CO

Brides feed each other cake at their Golden Hotel Wedding in Colorado

Sister of the bride says a speech Golden Hotel Wedding in Colorado

Bride's Sister says a Speech at their Colorado Wedding in Golden

Bride speech at Golden Hotel Wedding in Colorado

B&W Artistic Wedding Photography at The Golden Hotel in Colorado

Fun wedding reception photos from Golden Hotel in Colorado

Happy brides on their wedding day at the Golden Hotel in Colorado

Denver Wedding Photographer Golden Hotel

Colorado wedding reception at Golden Vista room of The Golden Hotel

Colorado wedding photographer at Golden Hotel

Colorado wedding reception at Golden Vista room of The Golden Hotel

Colorado wedding reception at Golden Vista room of The Golden Hotel

Fun wedding photography in Colorado

Colorado wedding reception at Golden Vista room of The Golden Hotel

Managed to get my mom on the dance floor by requesting “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac:)

Colorado wedding photographer Golden Hotel

A beautiful fairy tale wedding photo romantic lesbian wedding photo in Colorado

I have too many favorites, but this one is up there for sure!


Venue: The Golden Hotel Golden, Colorado

Officiant: That handsome man standing up there is my husband, Geoff 🙂

Florist: Pretty Petals Littleton, Colorado

Cake: Happy Bakeshop Denver, Colorado

Gabby’s Dress: The Green Bride Littleton, Colorado

Meghan’s Dress: David’s Bridal Nationwide

DJ: A Music Plus Denver, Colorado


I believe that love is love and want to live in a world where couples are free to openly love each other no matter who they are without discrimination.



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