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Denver Family Photography | South Valley Park Littleton, Colorado

August 16, 2016

South Valley Park Family Photos

I have the prettiest South Valley Park family photos to share on the journal today.  But, the session below almost didn’t happen. We were actually scheduled to meet up at Mount Falcon for this family’s photo session awhile ago and when the evening finally rolled around we looked outside and saw some dark clouds forming. Still, both the family and I have lived in Colorado long enough to know that this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. I’ve had clients cancel because the dark clouds looked scary and then the weather ended up being just fine for a photography session. Still, no amount of weather app stalking will ever let you know if it’s going to just sprinkle a few drops or if the wind will make it impossible to photograph even if there’s no precipitation at all so it’s a gamble to make the drive out either way. Still, I pushed to meet up and see what we might be able to get and promised we’d try again if the weather ended up not cooperating.

We started off at the east Mount Falcon trail head, but the big dark scary looking cloud seemed like it was ready to settle in there. So we did some quick thinking about where else we might be able to head to that is in the area and I thought that we might be able to get down to South Valley Park and still have enough time to get a whole family session done. On the drive over, I was worried because it looked like South Valley Park might also have it’s own dark scary cloud looming over it but when we arrived the weather was actually more off in the distance creating a beautifully photogenic landscape to work with. I have to say, I’m extremely pleased that we went for it. The sky looks incredibly dramatic mixed in with the sunshine. And by some miracle we even caught a flash of lightning in one of the photos! Talk about lucky!  However, we did shimmy on back to our cars after that since no one wants to be stuck outdoors in a storm of lightning.    Check out all of my favorites from this pretty dramatic set of South Valley Park family photos!

South Valley Park Family Photos at Sunset with pretty stormy skies
South Valley Park Family Photos with two brothers and lightning in the backdrop
South Valley Park Family Photos with Pretty Red Rock Formations in Littleton Colorado

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