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Spanish Peaks Family Photography in La Veta Colorado

August 14, 2020

Lovers Leap Family Photographer in Huerfano County

I am so excited to share this Spanish Peaks family photography session I did last week down near La Veta.  Up here in the Denver metro area, all of the best locations always seem to be crawling with other people so it was such an incredible breath of fresh air to travel down to Southern Colorado to the incredibly beautiful Spanish Peaks Wilderness area for this family photography session.  Bree is the mom who set up this session for her family and she told me about a place down there called “Lovers Leap.”  I went early to scope it out prior to meeting the family and I could not get over how lovely it is there.  It’s a little bit scary because it’s basically an overlook with a long fall down if you don’t pay attention closely.  It’s the type of place where if it were located closer to where I live in Denver or even the more touristy parts of Colorado it’d be ruined by a large fence to protect everyone from their own stupidity, haha. But, for now it’s open and makes an incredible backdrop for pictures.

Family Portraits at Lovers Leap Spanish Peaks Wilderness in Southern Colorado

I loved photographing this family.  They were so fun and totally game to participate in my wacky games and questions about themselves.  We were able to get a great mix of classic family pictures as well as some more candid and “real” photos for them to enjoy.  In fact, we got so many great family photos from this session that I had a really hard time narrowing them down for sharing online.  In the end I decided to just go ahead and show off a few more than normal so that everyone could see what a beautiful place the Spanish Peaks area is!  I love that it’s a little bit more off the beaten path than other parts of Colorado and has a lot of beauty to offer.  My husband and I took our trailer, Gilda, down to spend the night since it’s a bit of a drive and we had fun exploring the area, including a quick visit to Cuchara which has a fun old western feel to the town.  I highly recommend a trip down to Southern Colorado to check out what Huerfano County has to offer!

A dad poses for a picture with his two teenage kids at Lovers Leap in Colorado
Cute family photo of a mom with her two teenage children at Lovers Leap in Southern Colorado
Candid family photo at Lovers Leap in Colorado
A woman's headshot portrait wearing a jewel green long sleeved top at Lovers Leap in Southern Colorado
Brother and his sister pose in a pretty part of Southern Colorado near La Veta
A dad with his two teenage children pose together with a beautiful Spanish peaks forest backdrop at Lover's Leap
Beautiful headshot portrait of Mom at her Spanish Peaks family photo session near La Veta
Teenage children laugh with their mom at Spanish peaks wilderness near La Veta Colorado
Teen girl wearing white peasant blouse poses for individual portrait at Lovers Leap in Southern Colorado
Beautiful portrait of a mom with her teenage daughter hugging in front of a pretty backdrop at Lover's Leap in Southern Colorado
Young teenage boy wearing a short sleeve button up teal blue shirt poses in front of a beautiful backdrop at Lovers Leap in Colorado
Teen girl with long blonde hair wearing a cream top and jeans poses in front of a pretty backdrop at Lovers Leap in Colorado
A happy candid picture of a mom with her two teenage children at Lovers Leap near La Veta Colorado
An adult son poses for a nice portrait with his parents near their hometown of La Veta Colorado
Grandma and Grandpa laugh together at their Southern Colorado family pictures at Lover's Leap
A teenage girl hugs her dad in front of a beautiful rocky backdrop at Lovers Leap in Southern Colorado
A dad poses with his son with a beautiful rocky cliff backdrop at Lovers Leap in Southern Colorado
All of the guys pose for a photo together at a Spanish peaks family photography session at Lovers Leap
Pretty teen girl with long blonde hair poses for a portrait with a dramatic sunset backdrop at Lovers Leap in La Veta
Beautiful photo of a teenage girl sitting on a rock with a gorgeous sunset backdrop at Lovers Leap in Spanish peaks part of Colorado
Full length photo of grandparents posing together in front of the pretty Spanish peaks at sunset in Southern Colorado
A blonde mom wearing a bright green top poses with her teenage son with a pretty sunset mountain backdrop at La Veta's Lovers Leap
Spanish peaks family photography with Dad's side of the family in front of a pretty mountain at Sunset in Southern Colorado

If you’d like to get your own Spanish Peaks family photos created, be sure to check out the FAMILIES section of my site and get in touch! 


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