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Winter Park Colorado Mountain Wedding | B Lazy 2 Ranch and Event Center

July 10, 2017

Kelly and Kael’s wedding day was so incredible and pretty much exactly what I wish everyone’s wedding day could be like for them that it’s hard for me to know where to begin when describing it. I guess I’ll start by saying that Kelly’s smile was so big and infectious all day long. Her bright attitude and playful nature really set the tone for the day. Kelly and Kael have already been together for 7 years, but that didn’t stop them from taking in the enormity of what they were doing and letting the emotion flow. I had to hold myself together when I heard the clang of the autoharp at the beginning of Cat Power’s Sea of Love. That’s the song I picked to walk down the aisle at my wedding and I have to admit I can’t listen to it without tearing up just a little bit. Seeing Kelly and her dad walking down the aisle to that very same song put a lump in my throat and brought back that rush of walking toward Geoff on our wedding day. I can only imagine what Kael must have been feeling seeing the two of them walking toward him. He did manage to make it through his vows despite the intense emotion threatening to rob him of his voice. I really loved that when Kelly said her vows in return she had a special one that was just for him which she whispered into his ear so that no one else could hear.

It was such a perfect day and even the weather seemed to want to do its part to make it special. It had threatened to rain during the preparations but stayed nice and dry and evenly covered with clouds. And after the ceremony was over the sun decided to pop out and light up the cocktail hour and reception with its warmth. There were multiple speeches that were all very well done, not too long or short, funny with just the right amount of sentiment which anyone who has gone to more than a few weddings can tell you is not always the norm, haha. We got to make use of the B Lazy 2 Ranch’s incredible setting complete with wildflowers, fields, a super cute barn decorated with a bunch of fun kitsch, and of course lovely mountain views which turned an incredible shade of purple as the sun set. Inside the tent, Kelly and Kael’s incredible DIY rose gold painted concrete succulent planters and air plants not only looked hella chic but provided a pretty kick ass party favor for their guests. The little air plants I took home are still going strong! They opted to do a raffle for prizes to places like The Fiddly Fig in Kansas City, a bottle of Tequila, and a gift basket from Second Star to the Right a children’s book store that Kael’s family owns in the Highlands of Denver. Kelly and Kael are animal lovers so all of the proceeds from their wedding raffle went to Maxfund.

And I still haven’t even described what incredible dancers these two are! Usually you might see that one person in a couple is pretty decent but Kelly and Kael are both dance floor demons with moves that I would describe as wildly inventive and creative and also look damn good! I truly hope that someone at their wedding got some good video for them because the pictures absolutely don’t do them justice.

Kelly & Kael,
Congratulations! You two are definitely killing it!

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