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Boulder Photo Session with Dogs at South Mesa Trail

January 15, 2020

South Mesa Trail Boulder Photo Session with Dogs

I love that I get to share another beautiful Boulder photo session with dogs today.  If you’ve followed along with my blog throughout the years, you probably recognize this cute couple.  They have been getting their pictures taken with their sweet doggies for the past few years. Sadly, one of their older dogs passed away not too long ago which left them with just one pup in their home for a little while.  But, they recently adopted a new fur baby and decided they wanted to get some updated family photos to capture her while she was a puppy. It was so cute to see how much she gets along with their older dog. He’s sweet with her and I’m sure he’s enjoying the extra play time!

Winter Family Photos with Dogs in South Boulder

The first time I photographed them, we went up to the mountains during winter and got a snow covered landscape in their photos.  I thought for sure we’d be getting more of the same this time. But, although we have been getting lots of snow, it’s the front range so it generally melts fast.  We met up on New Years Eve to photograph these for them and there were only small pockets of snow left on the ground that day. We hiked in about a quarter of a mile where we spent our session playing with these cuties and taking advantage of the gorgeous sunset light.  The highlight of the session was definitely getting some friendly licks from their little puppy dog. The downside was when we were attacked by tiny cactus needles! I’m still picking those darn things out of my winter photography gloves! Still, photographing this awesome couple with their sweet dogs was the best way to close out 2019.  Check out my favorites below!

Winter photo session with dogs at the South Mesa Trail in Colorado
Winter couples portrait in Boulder at South Mesa Trail
A couple walk down a winter path at the South Mesa Trail in Boulder with their two dogs
Sweet portrait of a couple and their cute dog at South Mesa Trail in Boulder Colorado
Couple portrait during winter at South Mesa Trail in Boulder CO
Boulder Photo Session with Dogs done at sunset at South Mesa Trail
Couple hold hands at their Boulder Photography Session at South Mesa Trail in Boulder during winter
Gorgeous purple sunset sky for a couple at the South Mesa Trail during winter

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If you want to find out more information about getting your own Boulder photo session with your dogs check out the FAMILIES area of my website!


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