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Colorado High School Senior Photographer | Clear Creek History Park in Golden

August 18, 2014

It’s senior photo season which I love because it’s really fun to photograph teenagers as they embark on their final year of living at home and move on to the next phase in their life. They’re not children anymore, but essentially it’s the last professional photoshoot they’ll have from their “childhood.” And I find it to be such an honor to photograph them for their yearbook photo. It’s the image that people will look back on years later to remember them by and I want them to look good!

I’m lucky because this year a lot of my roller derby friends have kids who are seniors. Today on the blog I’m featuring Tony who is my friend Beth’s son. She actually had the adventure of a lifetime when she starred in the Amazing Race (she went all the way to 3rd place on season 22!) but it really seems that her adventure back here at home still keeps her incredibly busy. She has a cute blog I linked to below where she cracks jokes about her life as a mom, a roller derby skater, and a “Z” list celebrity (her words, not mine!) that I hope she starts updating again soon:)

Soon her oldest will be leaving the nest and to commemorate his last year of high school we met up at the Clear Creek History Park in Golden Colorado to create some portraits of him. He is a great baseball player and pitches for his high school and for non-school leagues. We made sure to get a few baseball themed shots but I know my favorites are in the plaid shirt. Check them out below!

My favorite:)

If you’d like to find more information about senior photos be sure to head over to the SENIORS area of my site.


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  1. Beth Bandimere says:

    April, thank you again for taking Tony’s senior pictures! How lucky am I that my friend and teammate is also one of the most talented photographers in Colorado?! These turned out absolutely fantastic, what I love the most is you captured who he is in all of the pictures. Thank you so much, my friend!

  2. What a handsome guy! Love the genuine smiles you caught – hard with men!!

  3. Kerry says:

    What a handsome young man! I love the bold red colour in the shots and the great variety