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Colorado Autumn Holiday Family Photography | Chatfield State Park, Littleton

November 2, 2015

Colorado LGBTQ Family Photos

I have the cutest Colorado LGBTQ Family Photos to share with the world today. The session being featured on the journal today is a special one to me because it’s my little sister Gabby with her girlfriend Meghan and her kiddos. Gabby really wanted to get some updated photos of her sweetheart with her family and Nesta, their lovable but rambunctious pit bull puppy. They live really close to Chatfield State Park so we decided we’d go there for the photos to make it easy for them. The park was still pretty green but had some nice color starting to fill in for their autumn pictures. Their favorite color is purple and I think their purple clothes looked awesome in this fall color setting!

Rainy Family Photos with Lesbian Moms and their kids and pit bull puppy

Unfortunately, the weather seems to really dislike being beautiful for us whenever we get together for outdoor activities. Back in August, we decided we wanted to take the kids on their first family camping trip and it poured on us the entire time! It was a learning experience for sure. I know Gabby has been looking forward to getting these pictures created for awhile so when it started threatening rain on the day of their session we were reluctant to reschedule. We decided to forge ahead and see what we could get. After all, the rain in Colorado normally passes right on through in a matter of minutes. But not this time! Halfway through the session we found ourselves huddling under an awning to see if the rain would stop and of course it didn’t. So we decided to just go for it and finished up what we could before we were all completely soaked. Here’s hoping that the next time we plan a fun outdoor outing the weather cooperates. The third time’s the charm, right? Still, I do think we got some adorable photos of their sweet Colorado LGBTQ family

Colorado LGBTQ Family Photos Two Lesbian Moms with their Pit Bull Puppy at Chatfield State Park

My favorite, before the rain came down on us!

Colorado LGBTQ Family Photos wearing purple in the fall color at Chatfield State Park

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