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Colorado Personal Branding Photography in Mountains of Evergreen

July 17, 2019

Personal Brand Portraits Created at the Beaver Brook Watershed Trail in Evergreen Colorado

I am so excited to share this gorgeous Colorado personal branding photography session I photographed earlier in the month with Alyssa.  Alyssa is a former bride of mine who recently got back in touch with me to tell me about her new website and business that she is working on.  She’s been working as a professional graphic designer and marketing consultant for a large company for years. She’s decided she would like to explore her entrepreneurial spirit and branch out on her own as an independent graphic designer offering her services to the public.  As a small business owner myself, I totally understand the terror and the excitement that comes with putting yourself out there like that.

Professional personal brand portraits are an important tool in selling yourself!

It’s a well known fact that people want to do business with PEOPLE and one of the best ways to show a prospective client who you are is to showcase a professional portrait of yourself on your website, social media, and your other marketing avenues.  Even better if your portrait says something about who you are as a person. This is otherwise known as a personal brand and your portraits will tell a lot about you as a person to your prospective clients. That’s why it’s so important to spend time thinking about what you want your personal branding photography to say.  

Alyssa spends a ton of time hiking and mountain climbing and enjoying the great outdoors in general.  She is a transplant to Colorado and was completely drawn in by all of the wonderful outdoor activities this state has to offer.  Because this is such a large part of her life she wanted to choose a location that showed her in a natural outdoor mountain environment enjoying her life.  

On the day that we photographed these personal brand photos for her, we were almost scared off by the storms that were threatening to rain down on us.  But, we had already rescheduled once and decided to risk a rain out and just go for it this time. We were richly rewarded with gorgeous sunshine that disappeared into a stormy dark purple sky by the time sunset arrived.  It ended up making for an incredibly dramatic backdrop for her personal brand photoshoot. The cherry on top was that the sunset matched her 2nd outfit! Talk about lucky. I’m sure these gorgeous colorful personal branding images are going to look incredible on her new site once it goes live.

Casual personal brand headshot portraits in Evergreen Colorado
Natural outdoor business branding portraits in Evergreen Colorado
Fashionable personal branding portraits in Colorado
Colorado personal branding photography at a mountain session in Evergreen
Colorado personal brand headshot portraits in Evergreen
Classic headshot portrait at a Colorado personal branding photography session
Beautiful natural outdoor Colorado business branding portraits
Cute and fun Colorado personal branding photography session in an Aspen tree grove in Evergreen
Colorado Personal Branding Photography in yellow wildflowers in the Mountains
Beautiful bohemian Colorado personal branding photography with wood tipi in Evergreen
Gorgeous bokeh at a Colorado personal branding photography session in an aspen tree grove in Evergreen
Cute Colorado personal branding photo during a stormy purple sunset
Colorado personal branding photography with a gorgeous stormy purple sunset sky in Evergreen
Stunning stormy mountain personal brand photos in Colorado
Young woman wearing a hat has some fun at her personal brand photoshoot in Evergreen Colorado

Are you looking for a professional graphic designer or someone to help you with your business’s marketing?  Check out Alyssa’s website HERE!

To find out more about creating your own Colorado personal branding photography portraits, please visit the HEADSHOTS area of my site!


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