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Unique Maternity Photos on Squaw Pass Road Evergreen Colorado

July 20, 2019

Gorgeous Evergreen Colorado Maternity Photos in a Mountain Wildflower Meadow

Today I have quite the collection of unique maternity photos to share with you.  We all have different ideas of what makes a portrait unique, but I have to say I personally believe that a huge full rainbow peeking out at the tail end of a session where we were threatened with a serious storm the entire time is incredibly unique.  It wasn’t just a faded, barely there rainbow, it was a nice, dark, full color spectrum rainbow that graced us with its presence as we were leaving our maternity photo session along Squaw Pass Road.  

What also makes this session special in my eyes is that it is for my good friend, Buffy, who grew up on the same street as me in Longmont.  I believe we met each other somewhere around 6th grade (This is according to Buffy, because I have the worst memory and thought we knew each other starting in 4th grade)  Sadly, she had to move away to Texas her senior year of high school so we didn’t graduate together. But we have stayed friends despite the distance and the years apart.  

She met Josh many years ago while working at a Borders bookstore with him.  (Coincidentally, I worked at Borders up here in Colorado at the same time!) They have been together forever now.  They married in Texas and shortly after moved away to live in the Netherlands for awhile. I even managed to visit her once while they were living in the most adorable fairytale style town called Gouda.  When she told me they were considering moving back to the states I was keeping my fingers crossed that they would consider a move to Denver. When she told me that she applied for a job in the math department at Metro State I was beyond thrilled.  Metro State is where I went to school and I knew she would really like it there.  

She has since moved up in her career and is now the chair of the math department!  I cannot tell you all how proud I am of her. She and Josh have created a beautiful life together and their latest achievement is the birth of their sweet baby girl, Maisey.  I thought I was so proud and excited for them when Buffy became the Chair of her department, but nothing compares to how awesome it is seeing her become a mom.    

Stormy Summer Maternity Pictures on Evergreen’s Squaw Pass Road

When Maisey was still in the womb, Buffy asked about getting some unique maternity photos created and obviously I was on board.  My very favorite place to photograph right now is up in the mountains of Evergreen. About 15 min up Squaw Pass Road is this beautiful mountain meadow with pretty yellow wildflowers dotting the sea of grass.  And flanking each side of the open meadow is a mature aspen tree grove. It’s like finding a tiny little chunk of Steamboat Springs only 40 minutes from my house! The day that Josh, Buffy and I met up for these, we weren’t sure if the weather would hold out as it was looking a little stormy.  However, Maisey was due to arrive pretty much any day and we couldn’t really wait. I am so glad that we went for it because we were rewarded with that awesome rainbow!

Sweet Happy Moment with Mom and Dad to Be at their Pregnancy Portrait Session in Evergreen
Happy couple at their unique maternity photos session in Evergreen CO
Classic Maternity Photography in a field of yellow wildflowers in Colorado
Beautiful Unique Maternity Photos at a Colorado Mountain Photography Session
Unique Mountain Maternity Portraits in a field of yellow wildflowers
Pretty Colorado Mountain Maternity Photography on Squaw Pass Road
Colorado maternity photos with mountain backdrop on Squaw Pass Road
Beautiful Unique Maternity Photography with Huge Rainbow on a Stormy Day

Would you like to see more unique maternity photos?  Please check out the NEW BEGINNINGS gallery on the family section of my site!


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  1. Sue McClellan says:

    April! You are gifted in positioning the couples and having gorgeous backdrops not speak louder than the love they share! These are amazing photos of Josh and Buffy- and Maisey- thank you for capturing them beautifully!

  2. Beautiful captures of the couple..truly stunned with the scenery, they have made the feel of love and togetherness more lit. Would love to see more from you!