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Custom Printed USB Drives for Photographers by USB Memory Direct

March 25, 2020

My Review of USB Memory Direct’s Custom Printed USB flash drives

Today on the blog, I’m sharing some information about USB Drives for photographers.  I’m sharing photos and information about the custom printed USB memory drives that I order from USB Memory Direct to deliver photos to my clients.  Yes, it’s possible to just send a download link to your clients where they can download their photos to their computers. But how many of them practice good habits when it comes to backing up their images?  I love that when you send them a USB drive you know they have it on the drive as well as their computer.

USB Memory Direct is one of my favorite suppliers that I use regularly in my photo business.  I’ve been ordering these awesome wood USB storage drives from USB Memory Direct for over 6 years now.  They really provide a solid product that looks amazing (look at the printing on my drives, so clean and crisp despite the tiny intricate lines of the flowers in my design) and works great.  I have never had a client tell me that their drive doesn’t work and I feel confident delivering them as a back-up option for storing their beautiful memories. USB Memory Direct was really great at helping me create something a little more unique.  I love that they didn’t just expect me to slap my logo on it and call it done. (Although you can certainly do that too!) They were happy to work with me in the designing process to get these cuties made. They also check in with me periodically to make sure I’m well stocked and haven’t run out which I appreciate as a busy photographer! 

Beautiful, Well-Made Custom Printed USB Memory Drives

I was looking for a simple, wood storage drive that would match my photography company’s branding and look great with the packaging I already use in my business.  I came across many other companies who offer wood memory drives but none of them provided the excellent customer service that I get from USB Memory Direct. Plus, their prices are awesome!  But, what I think is particularly great about this company is that they can work with you to create a one of a kind storage device that is a little more unique. If you look on their website, you’ll find some really cool photos of extremely creative USB memory drives that they’ve created for other companies.  If you’re a photographer like me, imagine having them create a little drive in the shape of a camera, or maybe it utilizes some neat feature you have in your logo? I love that you can keep it simple with one of the over 50 flash drive styles they currently offer or you can go even more creative and have them design something completely custom for you and your business.

Either way, you can’t go wrong.  My clients always tell me how much they love receiving their USB drive from me.  It definitely makes way more of a statement than just emailing a link for downloading their photos.  I sleep better at night knowing my clients have their precious pictures stored on something tangible too. Take a look at the photos below to see how my custom printed wood storage drives look and the packaging I use for delivering them too.

Custom USB Memory Direct wood flash drive for delivering wedding photos to clients
These are the pretty wood boxes I put the USB Memory Direct drives into for delivery to my wedding clients
Custom printed USB memory stick from USB Memory Direct
Cute wood box has a lid that slides open and inside is the cute wood USB drive with custom printing on it from USB Memory Direct
USB Memory Direct Custom Printed Wood Drives for delivering photos to clients
The USB drives from USB Memory Direct have magnetic closures for the tops of the drives keeping them on securely
Custom printed wood USB Drives from USB Memory Direct
My portrait clients who order digital files get their custom printed USB drive delivered in this adorable pouch I had custom sewn by a gal on etsy!
Detail photo of the custom printed USB Memory Direct Drives with Magnetic closure
Close up photo of the wood drives. The printing is done so well considering how intricate the pattern is!

If you’d like to get your own custom printed USB drives created from USB Memory Direct and you like the wood style I’ve shown in the photos above, be sure to CLICK HERE and order some for you and your business today!


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