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Denver Lifestyle Business Branding Photographer in Private Colorado Home

May 28, 2019

Table of Contents

Denver Headshot Photography and Lifestyle Business Brand Portraits

This beautiful lady featured on the journal today is no stranger to the blog. That’s because I photographed her lovely wedding a little while back during the crazy flooding Colorado experienced back in 2013.  This year we dealt with some wild avalanches, but back then during fall we were having rock slides due to the floods. I’m happy to report that despite some delays for some of her guests her wedding ended up being absolutely gorgeous!

Natural headshot portraits for small business personal branding project for a local Denver Entrepreneur

I remember even back then Jessi worked in the field of natural medicine with a focus on skin care (specifically treating acne) and she has expanded her business even more since then.  She’s actually been working in this field for quite a long time and brought her knowledge here all the way from Chicago. As a local Denver lifestyle business branding photographer, I was thrilled that she remembered me and got in touch about creating some headshots for her.  She has recently written a healthy cookbook and needed some new photos created for that and to update her website. She was interested in doing different looks and scenes for various uses in her business. So this wasn’t just your average quickie headshot portrait that we needed to create for her.

Natural and Relaxed Headshots Can Show Your Clients Who You Really Are!

No two businesses are exactly alike because one of the biggest things you must sell is yourself.  Knowing this leads most people to get a headshot portrait created. Obviously, you want to look good and the expression you choose to showcase will communicate a myriad of different things to your potential clients.  But your clothing and the location you choose can also clue your clients in about who you are. Not all business owners are looking for a serious look that screams “I mean business!” The trend these days looks at showcasing you in more of a natural work environment doing your thing.  This has been called more of a Lifestyle Business Branding photography because the photos are more environmental and look like real life. Most people don’t want to look like they just grabbed photos off of a stock website to fill in their website. Creating thoughtful, well done, professional headshot portraits sends the message that you care about your business and will go the extra mile to take care of your clients too. As a Denver Lifestyle Business Branding Photographer, I’m here to help!

I Can Help You Create a Natural Lifestyle Business Headshot Portrait Here in Colorado

As a creative, I view it as my job to help you flesh out how to translate your vision into a business portrait.  I will help you brainstorm locations that will work with your business branding and can even advise on attire and hair and makeup.  Jessi came to me already having some clear goals and ideas in mind for what she was looking for and because of that it was easy to help her start to look for location ideas.  Obviously, one of the big goals from this session was to get some photos to use for the cookbook cover so we needed a great kitchen to use and as you can see from the photos below, we found one!  There is really no one size fits all when it comes to business headshots because each person’s business holds a unique space in the marketplace. Get in touch with me to talk more about how I can help!

Learn more about Jessi and her natural skin care clinic located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado by visiting her website HERE

Outdoor business portrait of woman in lab coat during Spring in Colorado
Denver Lifestyle Business Branding Photographer in a home kitchen for cookbook
Denver Natural and Casual Headshot Business Portrait Photography
Natural Light Business Branding Portraits with a Cozy at Home Feel in Denver Colorado
Denver Lifestyle Business Branding Photographer in the kitchen for a headshot photography session
Serious look business headshot portrait in front of barn door in Denver Colorado
Natural relaxed happy Denver Business Headshot Photography in Denver Colorado
Denver Lifestyle Business Branding Photographer in a Relaxed Natural Setting
Casual Business Headshot Portrait in Denver Colorado
Denver Lifestyle Business Branding Photographer Relaxed Casual Feel
Casual Business Headshot Portrait Photography in Denver Colorado
Denver Lifestyle Business Branding Photographer in a kitchen for a cookbook cover
Professional Business Headshot Portrait with Natural Light in Denver Colorado
Denver Lifestyle Business Branding Photographer on location in a white kitchen
It’s so hard for me to choose favorites from this session but it’s a toss up for me between these last two images!
Casual and relaxed look for lifestyle business branding headshots in Denver Colorado

Interested in seeing more examples from this lifestyle business branding photographer? Be sure to check out the HEADSHOTS section of the website!


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