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Denver Maternity Photography | Snowy Winter Pregnancy Portraits at City Park

February 25, 2018

The couple featured on the journal this afternoon is the cutest and so photogenic! Ariel got in touch with me to talk about getting some maternity portraits created with her husband, Stephen. She’s planning to use the photos for her baby shower invitations which I love and think is an awesome idea. We were originally thinking about heading up to Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder but we got quite a snowstorm this last week and decided to skip the perilous rocky terrain up there and do City Park instead.

These two live in the area and Ariel grew up near there too so it’s a pretty special place for them. It also happens to be my favorite park in Denver because the views from the east side of the downtown Denver skyline and the pretty mountains stacked behind it are lovely. Of course, you have to be ok with being surrounded by geese and their incredibly prolific amounts of poo but I just consider it to be part of City Park’s charm at this point. During warmer weather I like to work with about an hour for maternity sessions, but because it was pretty chilly I decided to push it to just 45 minutes before sunset so that this poor couple wouldn’t have to freeze outdoors for too long.

By the end, we had discovered a beautiful glass sculpture on the south side of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science which I thought would look amazing once the sky went blue so we actually pushed the session a little longer past sunset and into twilight. I am so pleased that we did and I can’t thank Ariel and Steven enough for putting up with my lies of “Ok, last one!” when really I had more than one more photo to create for them. Pro tip: never trust a photographer when she says “All right, this is the last one!” Truth is, the first time you hear that come out of their mouth you should expect a handful of more photos afterward. It’s a disease, we just can’t help it! But, wait until you see the gorgeousness of that blue sky paired with Ariel’s beautiful blue lace dress and you’ll understand why we just keep up those lies!

My favorite!

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