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Colorado Winter Engagement Photography | Sunset at Sloan’s Lake in Denver

January 6, 2018

Denver Winter Engagement Photography

I have such a beautiful Denver winter engagement photography session to share on the journal today. I got an email from this nice couple, Lisa and Brad, earlier this week saying they were looking to get a handful of engagement portraits created for their save the dates/wedding invitations. The wedding celebration is coming up this June in Oregon where Lisa is from so we needed to get right on it. They spend a lot of time together enjoying the outdoors at Sloan’s Lake Park on the northwest side of Denver so we set up their session to take place about 45 min before sunset.

Denver Skyline Backdrop Engagement Photography Session at Sloan’s Lake

We started off over on the west side of the park so we could get the Denver city skyline in the backdrop and we got lucky with one of our photos when the geese flew right across the backdrop making it perfectly Denver. (Those geese are definitely a neighborhood fixture at Sloan’s Lake. Just the other day when I was heading to the King Soopers across the street for grocery shopping a whole gaggle of them were politely using the crosswalk which totally made me laugh!) We also made use of the notably bouncy bridge before we headed over to the other side of the park right as sunset was happening.

Sunset Engagement Pictures at Sloans Lake

I am in love with what we were able to get despite it being the middle of winter with zero snow on the ground. Sometimes when there are limited options due to a dead winter environment you have to really make sure to photograph at the right time of day to bring out the beauty of a place. Luckily for us, the park streetlights were hitting the frozen Sloan Lake creating a beautiful pinkish orange glow. This beautiful warm colored reflection paired with the dark icy blue of the lake blended into a beautiful purple color making for a surprisingly gorgeous backdrop after the sun set. And of course, the lake paired with the mountains always looks fantastic in photos. And it definitely helps that Brad and Lisa were such good sports and went along with all of my dumb photographer prompts and attempts to get them to laugh. I think their session turned out beautifully. Check out some of my favorites below!

Cute Denver Winter Engagement Photography at Sloan's Lake
Beautiful sunset light on frozen Sloans Lake at Denver Winter Engagement Photography Session
Denver Winter Engagement Photography with geese walking across frozen Sloans Lake in backdrop
Denver Winter Engagement Photography with Denver Skyline view at Sloans Lake
Denver Winter Engagement Photography at Sloan's Lake in West Denver

I have to say it was hard to pick a favorite from this session, but it’s hard to beat a solid nice photo with a mountain backdrop!

Denver Winter Engagement Photography with frozen Sloans Lake and Mountain Backdrop

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