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Estes Park Family Photographer at Rocky Mountain National Park

July 6, 2019

Estes Park Family Portraits with 6 siblings at RMNP in Colorado

As an Estes Park Family Photographer, I’m sharing the cutest large family on the journal today.  This family reminds me of my own because there are so many kids in it. They have 6 siblings ranging in age from 3-15 years old.  So there are 12 years in between this mom’s oldest son and her youngest daughter. That’s just like my family! I was 13 when my youngest brother was born.  We were talking about growing up in a large family at our photo session. The fun thing about having all of those brothers and sisters is that you always have someone to play with (and fight with too! haha).  And the dynamic that you have with your youngest siblings is completely different from the one you have with your siblings who are closer in age. I think households with kids in them are always more on the chaotic side but when you have this many kids, the chaos is multiplied and almost takes on it’s own life-force.  Or at least, that’s how it was with my family growing up. I decided not to have my own kids, but I have to admit, I sometimes miss all of the hustle and bustle of living with a large family. It can be really fun.

Jessica is this family’s gorgeous mama and she does not look even close to old enough to have had 6 kids!  (Side note, when I was a teenager, strangers would ask if my mom and me were sisters. At the time, this was a big annoyance to me, but now that I’m older I hope I have her youthful looking genes!)  When Jessica first got in touch with me, she mentioned wanting to take them to a location that was beautiful and captured the essence of Colorado. I sent her quite a few location ideas that I think capture Colorado well and we ended up choosing Rocky Mountain National Park because of its gorgeous scenery.

Summer Family Photos in the Mountains of Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park is at the top of the list for best locations for us Estes park family photographers.  First off, the park is enormous, so I have found that it’s fairly easy to find your own space to use without a ton of other people all around you.  Yes, there are some places in the park that are busier than others, but it’s not hard to get off the beaten path there.  

Secondly, the mountain views at RMNP are incredible!  There are also a ton of different mountain views you can get.  Most locations I use for my photography work are smaller and there will be maybe one or two good mountain views, but Rocky Mountain National Park is just full of them.  I love that in the summer time you can find pretty wildflowers adding that nice little extra pop of color to the pictures. Most of the locations in the park are at least 7,800 feet in elevation so when photographing here you have to pay attention to the rapidly changing weather.  That is both a curse and a blessing when it comes to photography. We had beautiful weather for most of our session, but then the sky changed color pretty suddenly. It created a gorgeous dramatic sky backdrop in the photos. At the very end of our session though, the sky opened up and just dumped rain on us.  Luckily it was right at dusk so we were planning to leave soon anyway. I’m so glad we were able to get all of these amazing photos for them prior to the storm. I picked out some of my favorites below!

Estes Park Family Photographer at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park
Estes Park Family Photographer at Sprague Lake in RMNP Colorado
A cute kid poses for a portrait in a woodsy setting with yellow wildflowers at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
Colorado Family Portraits in the Mountains of Estes Park
Colorful Colorado Individual Portrait during Family Photography Session at Sprague Lake in Estes Park
Individual portraits of family done at a Colorado family photography session in Estes Park
Casual Family Portraits at Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park Colorado
Gorgeous sunset photos of a family at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
Estes Park Family Photographer poses 6 siblings on a huge rock in Moraine Park at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
Beautiful Mountain Backdrop Portraits from an Estes Park Family Photographer at RMNP in Colorado

For more information about visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, please visit their website HERE.


Looking for more information about getting your family’s photos created by this Estes Park Family Photographer?  Please check out the FAMILIES section of my website!


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