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Extended Family Portraits in Beaver Creek, Colorado

February 17, 2021

Beaver Creek Family Photos During Winter

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to get to meet this lovely family enjoying some time together on the slopes in Beaver Creek.  We’ve had quite the cold snap to start off this week so I was pleasantly surprised when the temperatures were actually pretty nice on the day that we met up for these.  It was snowing so we got a little bit damp by the end, but I love how snow looks in family pictures. It adds just a little bit more of that winter wonderland, magic feel to the photos. Every year they rent the same vacation home and enjoy some quality family time together in the mountains of Colorado which I really love to hear.  This year might be their last at this particular home they’ve been gathering at so it was really special to get to capture these pictures for them in a place where they get to have a nice time together. Also, Nana & Papa are coming up on their 50th wedding anniversary this year which is incredible. Huge congrats are in order for them!  Below are just a small handful of some of my favorites that we captured of the family together.    

An extended family with 16 people pose in front of a huge stone fireplace at their vacation home in Beaver Creek Colorado
An Extended family of 16 people pose outside of their vacation home during ski season in Beaver Creek Colorado
Grandparents pose with their grandkids outside of their mountain home in Beaver Creek Colorado
Couple about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary pose for a photo with a mountain backdrop on the catwalk outside of their vacation home in Beaver Creek
Extended family of 16 poses on the snowy catwalk at Beaver Creek with a pretty mountain view off in the distance in Colorado

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