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Fall Wedding at Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby Colorado

September 18, 2013

Even the most meticulously planned weddings will never go exactly as they should, but poor Jessi and Michael started off their wedding day a bit rockier than usual. There was a no-show hair dresser complicating the preparations, a bout of altitude sickness, & I-70 was closed off because of the flooding and rock slides making it hard for the vendors and guests to get to the wedding taking place at Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby.

But despite these obstacles Jessi & Michael kept their eye on the prize and chose not to freak out over the things they couldn’t control. And even though it was Friday the 13th there was a lot of good luck happening. Ilizabeth at Fraser Hair Company juggled her other appointments that day to fit in the bridal party and I thankfully made it out on time because I left myself an extra 2.5 hours to get up there:) And one of the biggest miracles of the day was that it didn’t rain!

By the time the first look rolled around I knew it would be smooth sailing from there. No Friday the 13th shenanigans could steal the thunder from Jessi & Michael’s ceremony. It was a beautiful and spiritual celebration with guests sitting in a circle around them. I think that just seeing each other and knowing why they were gathered there made everything else just melt away. In the end, it was a perfect wedding:)

I had to get a shot of this hotel because that is one of the best names ever:)

My favorite:)


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  1. Claudette says:

    OMG, absolutely stunning!!! Love all the details, beautiful work!

  2. Just WOW! Amazing wedding, gorgeous photoshoot, all the little details are just incredible. Congrats to this couple!

  3. Kate says:

    Fantastic work. You do such a great job of capturing all the little details and touches the bride thought so carefully about. She’ll love having them documented.

  4. I know these people are thrilled to have their big day so wonderfully captured! Love all those little details, and her dress!

  5. Jeni says:

    These are stunning! Love all of the details you captured. They must be so thankful for these photos!

  6. Alexis says:

    Gorgeous wedding and I love all the details:) You got so many great moments too, the photos really tell the story of the day:)

  7. Jennifer B says:

    Oh my goodness, these are stunning! I LOVE all of the little details and how you captured their day. If I was this couple, I’d have a hard time deciding which photo to put up on my wall (there are SO many awesome ones of the two of them!!) Gorgeous work.

  8. I always love looking through your weddings! I keep going back to the ring shot, I love all the texture. The last one is perfection. Congrats to the gorgeous couple.