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Family Pictures in the Golden Aspens on Squaw Pass Road

October 13, 2020

Family with Three Kids During Autumn Season in Evergreen Colorado

It’s always fun to share a family that I’ve photographed before because you get to see how much they’ve grown.  For the family featured on the blog today, not only did their two children I photographed before grow, but their family size did too.  They now have three kids instead of just two!  When they arrived at the Squaw Pass Road mountain meadow, I did a double take when I saw their youngest.  She looked exactly like I remembered her big sister looking and for a split second my brain did not compute because she should have grown more than that in the few years since I had last seen them.  You can see their gorgeous family photos that we did down at South Valley Park HERE.  This time we met at my favorite mountain meadow and the fall color was still hanging on beautifully last Sunday.  Not including that weird early September snow, we’ve had quite a warm fall so far and although I’d love to get some rain or snow to help with the fires, it’s been nice having plenty of nice color lasting longer than normal. Check out some of my favorites from this family’s beautiful autumn family session below!

Family laugh together in a pretty aspen tree forest on Squaw Pass Road in Evergreen Colorado
Siblings pose for their own individual portraits with the aspen tree trunks on Squaw Pass Road
Adorable 3 year old wearing a light blue dress laughs in the fall color in Colorado
Cute couple pose for their own separate parent portrait in the gorgeous aspen trees on Squaw Pass Road
Beautiful family portrait for a family of 5 sitting in the tall grass at Beaver Brook Watershed Trailhead in Evergreen Colorado

If you’re still hoping to get some fall color family pictures, please be sure to take a look at the FAMILIES page of my site and get in touch.  The color is moving down into the Metro area more these days and I may be able to squeeze you in during October.


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