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Mary Carter Greenway Trail in Littleton Colorado

October 10, 2020

Mary Carter Greenway Trail Family Photography

I’m so excited to share a new location from the Mary Carter Greenway Trail on the journal today.  I’ve had it on my mind that I wanted to check out the Mary Carter Greenway Trail which is the trail that runs along the South Platte River in Littleton.  Specifically, I’ve wondered about the photo session suitability of the section between Bowles and C-470 behind Aspen Grove and all of the shops along that stretch of Santa Fe like Breckenridge Brewery’s Farm House location.  So I convinced a group of my friends to go skating and biking with me (ok, I was the only one skating, haha) on a warm September afternoon so that I could scout it out.  Not only was it nice to get to see my friends and drink a couple beers at Breck, but I discovered this area of the Mary Carter Greenway Trail would be perfect for some fall color photoshoots here in the Littleton area.  So when my brother in law and sister in law were needed a place to get their family pictures closer to home I decided to have them be my first family photographed at this new location.

Changing Leaves Along the Bike Path on the South Platte River

The Mary Carter Greenway Trail ended up being the perfect spot for Brandon and Lauren.  We actually attempted to do their pictures a couple of weeks earlier up at my favorite location, but we ran into some obstacles that day  (they involved bad traffic, some sort of emergency helicopter landing in the location we were planning to use, and then a winding mountain road puking incident) and unfortunately had to abandon the session that evening. So this was attempt #2 to photograph their family together.  It’s a great location, close to home for them.  It provided a simple, fall color environment and I’m pleased with how these ended up for them!  

Red Sky Hazy Mountain View Family Portrait next to South Platte River in Littleton Colorado
A candid photo of a family of four tickling each other at their Littleton Family photography session during fall
Cute little three year old blonde boy wearing blue polo shirt and blue jeans sits on a path in the fall color at the Mary Carter Greenway Trail in Littleton Colorado
A mom holds her son and laughs with him in front of the fall color along a bike path in Littleton
A father holds his one year old daughter with a beautiful fall color backdrop at the Mary Carter Greenway Trail
A family of four pose with fall color backdrop at the Mary Carter Greenway Trail in Littleton

If you’re interested in getting your family portraits created, be sure to check out the FAMILIES page of my site and get in touch!  I think the fall color will stick around this year and it’ll be a great spot for family photos!


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