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Family Portraits During Winter at Roxborough State Park in Colorado

November 25, 2020

Family Pictures with Pretty Red Rock Formations at Roxborough State Park

It’s been a couple of years since I last got to see this awesome family.  The last time we met up for their photography session, we did some pictures during the fall color season at Chautauqua up in Boulder.  This time we decided to go for Roxborough State Park since Autumn is firmly in the past at this point and I wanted to get some cool scenery for them that didn’t depend on colorful plant life.  We actually had to reschedule not just once or twice, but 3 times to finally get a day when the weather was cooperating with us (wind and portraits don’t mix so well) and I’m so glad the 3rd time ended up being the charm.  I think Roxborough State Park more than delivers with the pretty red rock scenery there. I also love that I almost always see deer at this park. We walked a couple of miles roundtrip along my favorite trail and got all of these gorgeous photos for them.  I feel so lucky that I get to meet such nice families like this one doing this kind of work and it’s extra cool to see their kids grow up before my very eyes. I still can’t believe their oldest will be heading to high school soon. Check out some of my favorites from their session below!

Family of four pose for a family portrait together with the gorgeous red rocks scenery in the backdrop at Roxborough State Park in Colorado
Siblings pose for a picture together with the dramatic red rock scenery in the backdrop at Roxborough State Park in Colorado
Tween boy wearing a red jacket poses with his arms folded with pretty red rock scenery in the backdrop at Roxborough State Park
Cute tween girl wearing a pretty white long sleeved shirt with ruffles poses with a pretty red rock backdrop at Roxborough State Park in Colorado
Mom and dad get their own couples photo together at their family photography session at Roxborough State Park in Colorado
A cute candid photo for a family of four with beautiful red rock formations at Roxborough State Park in Colorado
Natural photo of a brother and sister at Roxborough State Park in Littleton Colorado
Beautiful family portrait for a family of four at Roxborough State Park in Colorado

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