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Gorgeous Autumn Family Portraits with Family Dog in the Fall Color on Squaw Pass Road Evergreen

October 24, 2018

You may recognize this cute couple from years past when I photographed them on a snowy winter day with their doggies up in Summit County, Colorado. It’s been a rough year for them because they lost one of their dogs, Maggie. Losing a pet is so difficult and painful but I am glad that they have those beautiful photos together to help remember the good times when she was still with them. It was about time for them to update their photos and get some pictures with their remaining fur-child, Joey. And Joey was cracking me up with his personality at their session. All he wanted to do was lick mom and dad’s faces!

We decided to meet up at Squaw Pass Road last month at the end of September since the fall color up there was looking pretty spectacular. It took all of my dog-whispering skills (which truth be told mostly involve a fairly sad, pathetic whistle noise) to get Joey to glance in my direction but he mostly wanted to stoically look off in the distance which was cracking me up. And he definitely wanted to be right next to his humans the whole time. We took advantage of all of the bright pretty yellow aspen leaves at the trailhead at Witters Gulch and Squaw Pass road and after we were finished there we drove another couple miles up the road heading toward Echo Mountain to capture a handful of photos with the sweeping mountain views along the side of the road. The scenery there was dotted with all of the pretty fall color and it’s easily one of my greatest location finds I’ve had all year. I’m thinking maybe it would even work pretty great during winter after a nice snowfall too! Here are just a small handful of my favorite photos we got that evening. Check them out below!

Beautiful Colorado Family Photos in the Fall Color at Squaw Pass Road in Evergreen

Beautiful Colorado Family Photos in the Fall Color at Squaw Pass Road in Evergreen

Romantic photo of a couple in the yellow fall leaves in Evergreen CO

Sweet couple photo in Evergreen Colorado on Squaw Pass Road

Pretty Colorado Mountain Fall Color Couples Session with Doggie in Evergreen

Beautiful mountain backdrop with fall color along Squaw Pass Road in Evergreen Colorado


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