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Grand Lake Family Photos During Summer at Point Park

July 6, 2020

Family Photos with Rainbow at Point Park in Grand Lake Colorado

Oh boy, my last few sessions I’ve done, I’ve had some run ins with the weather. I recently photographed a family along Clear Creek in Golden where we had to run back to our cars after the skies opened up and started pouring on us.  And at the session I’m sharing today, the same thing started to happen.  Except at this session featured on the journal today, we were blessed with the most incredible rainbow.  At this session I didn’t really see much of a rain forecast so most of our session was lovely, but toward the end as sunset was approaching, the light got very interesting with a muted shade of orange.  The thunder started rumbling so I knew we were going to need to finish up pretty quickly but then we saw the most incredible rainbow.  Lots of times I only see a portion of the rainbow and it’s not always exactly in the spot I would pick as a backdrop.  But, I couldn’t believe that this time, the entire thing was visible right over the mountain view at Point Park in Grand Lake.  It was stretched magnificently right over the very spot that I wanted to end our session at!  I am so happy for them that they received such a beautiful scene for their family pictures.  I hope it is an experience that they remember for a long time to come!  I know I will!  Check out some of my favorites from their session below!

Family of four laugh with the mountain view of Grand Lake behind them
Family of four laugh together in the aspens at their Colorado family session at Point Park
Beautiful portraits in an aspen tree forest of Point Park in Grand Lake
Family of four walk along the path at Point Park in Grand Lake Colorado
Sibling portrait in a pretty aspen tree forest at Point Park in Grand Lake Colorado
Mom gets her own headshot in a pretty mountain garden with purple wildflowers in Grand Lake
Family of four in Grand Lake during Summer at Point Park
Son gets an individual portrait at his family's portrait session at Point Park in Colorado
Dad gets his own portrait in front of an orange sunset mountain backdrop in Grand Lake CO
Beautiful sunset family photo with mountain backdrop at Point Park in Colorado
Incredible family photo with a huge rainbow backdrop at Point Park in Grand Lake Colorado

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