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Boulder Family Photography | Lost Gulch Overlook and Gross Reservoir

September 7, 2017

Gross Reservoir Family Photos

I have some awesome Gross Reservoir family photos to share on the journal today. Joe contacted me at the beginning of the summer to look into getting his family on the schedule for some updated family portraits of all of them together. He and his siblings are all grown up now and as we all know, life can get pretty hectic and it’s not easy to schedule the whole family. It feels like we didn’t get that much rain this summer but poor Joe, every time we did get a crazy rainstorm it happened to be on the day that we had scheduled his family’s photo session! I think his family wins the record for most number of reschedules due to weather that I’ve ever had. Even on our 3rd time trying to get them done, we met up and the rain began. We had to wait it out about 30-40 min before we could even begin the session and I was so afraid we were going to just have to call it and try again on another day.

Summer family pictures at Boulder’s Gross Reservoir

But thankfully, the rain finally cleared up and we were able to get some great photos for them afterward. It’s usually not a big deal to schedule outdoor pictures here in Colorado due to our 300+ days of sunshine reputation but sometimes the weather has a mind of its own. We started our photos up at Gross Reservoir in Boulder which has beautiful mountain views and forested areas. And with very limited light left at sunset we managed to squeeze in a 2nd location at Lost Gulch Overlook which also has pretty mountain views and looks out over the City of Boulder as well. I really wanted to fit in this location for them since I love the dramatic rocky landscape there. Despite the weather attempting to ruin a perfectly good family photography outing, they were total champs and I love what we were able to get in our shortened timeframe! Joe, thank you to you and your family for waiting so patiently through the rainstorm to get these! I hope you love them!

Be sure to look at the FAMILIES are of my site and get in touch if you want to schedule your own family photography session in Boulder!


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  1. Dan Ward says:

    Epic photos as always April. Always so jealous of the locations you get to shoot 🙂