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Family Reunion Photography | Colorado Family Vacation in Keystone

August 24, 2017

Keystone Family Reunion Photography

I have some pretty Keystone family reunion photography to share on the blog today. The family featured on the blog today may be one of the largest family groups I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. We managed to fit all 28 of them together in one photo. They were such an awesome group too. They were very patient with me putting them into the photo one by one and working with the unique woodsy landscape of the backyard at their vacation home in Keystone. With the help of a large boulder and a few backyard lounge chairs we managed to layer everyone quite nicely.

Keystone Family Get Together at Colorado Vacation in the mountains

It’s pretty great when families spread out all over the United States can come together for a little bit of rest and relaxation. And it’s a great opportunity to capture the family love while they are all in one place. As we all know, it’s pretty rare for the whole extended family to have the ability to gather in one place at one time. I sure am happy for this family that they were able to do that! We also got as many different family groupings as we could before the sun set. It was nice that their vacation home backs up to the Snake River in Keystone and their backyard looked like a beautiful forest. It definitely made it nice and easy to step away from the barbeque to take turns posing for the camera. Here’s just a tiny sample of what we got that evening.

Keystone Family Reunion Photography
Large family group at Keystone Family Reunion Photography Session
Keystone Family Reunion Photography
Keystone Family Reunion Photography
Keystone Family Reunion Photography

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