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Lomax Placer Mine Breckenridge Family Photos | Edwin Carter Museum, Colorado

June 23, 2016

I’ve had so many fun photography sessions lately creating cool images with really fun and nice people. This family is definitely up there on the fun and nice scale. They are from Jacksonville, FL and came out to Colorado for a classic summer family adventure together. We photographed them at a couple of historic sites in Breckenridge but I know they are planning to hit Steamboat Springs and some other places in the west as well. We started off at the Lomax Placer Mine which is right in the heart of Breckenridge and is full of cool looking old log cabins and random mining equipment lying around all over the place. I love that when you are in the great outdoors in the mountains that you never know what you’ll find or see. We had wandered away from my camera bag when a cool looking fox trotted on down the hill and decided to go over to inspect it. We all laughed at his attempt to steal their breath mints from my bag before scaring him away before he could get at them. The Lomax Placer Mine is great for that classic Colorado homestead sort of look with lots of greenery but we had to make our way down the hill to the Edwin Carter house museum to fill in their session with some actual mountain views. We timed it to finish up with the mountain views around sunset. This family was so natural in front of the camera and really great sports about everything I asked them to do that I had a hard time narrowing the photos down. So I just decided to share a bunch of them. Check it out below!

I think this one’s my favorite:)

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  1. Lonie Kanber says:

    WoW. This family look amazing! Great job to all!!