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Denver Extended Family Photographer in the Mountains of Evergreen at West Mount Falcon

December 15, 2018

Table of Contents

Mount Falcon Family Photography

I have the prettiest Mount Falcon family photography created in the lovely woods of West Mt. Falcon hiking area up in the Indian Hills/Evergreen part of West Denver Metro. My gorgeous friend Fiona’s family was one of my first sessions of 2018 and I think it’s pretty cool that her husband’s family is now one of my last sessions of 2018. They were somehow able to schedule a photography shoot over the weekend with his parents and his siblings and their kids which is no easy feat with everyone having such busy schedules in this day and age. It can be especially hard once the older kids started heading off to college and living on their own but they miraculously found a date that works for them!

Mt. Falcon is a great family photography location year round!

Winter weather is officially upon us here in Colorado which means picking a location is a bit more of a challenge than during the warm weather months. When there is no snow on the ground to pretty up the scenery you have to get a little more creative since most locations look dead and brown at this time of year. I tend to like using areas with lots of pine trees to add some greenery as well as those that have nice mountain views. The west trail head of Mount Falcon in Evergreen fits the bill perfectly. It has a nice pine forest which looks gorgeous when the sunshine is peeking through the trees. I also think a pine forest makes for awesome Christmas Card scenery!

Mountain Views at Mount Falcon

It also has a very easy to get to section off of the upper parking lot with a nice pile of huge boulders and mountain views to get in the background of your family photos too. Just be careful about securing a photography permit before you head up there because this location does have rangers on the lookout for those. They are only $25 for a one day photo permit, but I always get the yearly photography permit so if you go with me, you’ll be covered! This family was incredibly easy to work with and had really fun personalities and good attitudes the whole time we were photographing. Even the little ones managed to make it through sunset despite the temperature drop which is when we got those pretty couples photos at the end. I’ve selected some of my favorites to share from their fun Mount Falcon family photoshoot below. Check them out!


Pretty Forest Family Photography at Mount Falcon in Evergreen Colorado

Cousin picture in the forest at Mount Falcon in Evergreen Colorado

Grandma and Grandpa laugh together at Family photoshoot at Mount Falcon in Colorado

Denver family at Mount Falcon Forest in Colorado

Cute family photo in the forest at Mount Falcon West Trailhead in Colorado

Family picture in the forest at Mount Falcon Trailhead in Evergreen Colorado

Couple portrait at Mount Falcon Trailhead in Evergreen Colorado

Sibling picture during Denver Family Photography session at Mount Falcon in Evergreen

Sisters Portrait during winter at Mount Falcon in Colorado Mountains

Sunset Family pictures with mountain view at Mount Falcon in Evergreen

Sunset Family pictures with mountain view at Mount Falcon in Evergreen

Sunset Family pictures with mountain view at Mount Falcon in Evergreen

Sunset Family pictures with mountain view at Mount Falcon in Evergreen

Sunset Family pictures with mountain view at Mount Falcon in Evergreen

Extended family portrait in the forest at Mount Falcon in Evergreen CO

If you’d like to see some other examples of families photographed at this same West Mount Falcon hiking area, be sure to check out THIS SWEET FAMILY WITH DOGS and THIS OTHER LITTLE FAMILY WITH A CORGI DOG!

Head over to the FAMILIES page of my site to find more information about scheduling your own family portraits!


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  1. Beth Bandimere says:

    April, you’ve now done BOTH my giant sides of the family and two of my kid’s senior pics. Every time I think you couldn’t possibly do a better job you knock it out of the park once again. These are absolutely incredible, thank you so so much for fitting us in to your busy schedule. We are beyond happy with these!!