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My United Kingdom Summer Adventure: Chicago, Dublin & Galway

December 6, 2011

This past August, my youngest sister and I spent 23 days traveling together in the United Kindom, Ireland, & Holland. Chelsey is 10 years younger than me so it’s been a really long time since we have vacationed together. She was still a kid when I left home for college so we have an interesting dynamic where we are sisters but haven’t actually spent as much time growing up together and living together as most sisters do. I am so glad we did this together because it was fun exploring with her and also creating a deeper friendship with each other which can be hard with such a big age difference.
I’ve been dying to share some of the pictures I got while I was there, but derby and work have had to come first these past few months. So I’m just now getting to share some of what we saw while there. We flew from DIA into O’Hare airport early and actually had a whole day to explore Chicago since our overnight flight didn’t leave until the evening. I decided that it would be fun to show her the Bean and grab some lunch downtown. We were definitely dressed appropriately for sweaty/hot Chicago summer weather and were in for quite a shock when we arrived in Dublin to pretty chilly weather. Now I know that it’s colder in the UK than over here, but I expected it to be a little warmer in August than it was. We spent a night in Dublin before taking the train out to Galway. I think the best thing about Ireland was how friendly the people were!

Chelsey’s first time at “The Bean”
Tourist Photo of the Bean in Millenium Park Chicago IL

Here we are a little closer to the Bean
The Bean in Millenium Park Chicago, IL

I love that thing. Coolest public art!
Chicago IL Tourist photo at The Bean

It was soooo hot and muggy that day, but Chelsey wanted to head over to see the Lake better. We stopped for a few photos along the way.
Portrait in Millenium Park Chicago IL

The BP Pedestriant Bridge is pretty neat
Tourist Photo of the BP Pedestrian Bridge in Chicago

Another view from the bridge
Chicago's BP Pedestrian Bridge with Cityscape backdrop

One last shot of Chicago
Chicago IL wide angle skyline view

Chelsey enjoying her first legally purchased alcoholic beverage.
A wine bar off of Grafton Street in Dublin Ireland

We decided the easiest way to get around when we are tired on the first day would be to do the Hop on Hop off bus tour which took us by this Cathedral. I think this one is St. Patrick’s Cathedral
St. Patrick's Cathedral Dublin Ireland

Being the good Irish gals we are, the Guinness Storehouse was our first tourist destination!
View from below of the Guinness Storehouse Atrium

The building had really beautiful light throughout.
Guinness Storehouse

"Lovely" Window inside Guinness Storehouse

And of course we spent some time getting our Guinness on in the Gravity Bar at the top.
Gravity Bar Pint of Guinness in Dublin Ireland

Double fisting=Classy
Guinness Beer on top of Dublin Ireland

Drinking at the Gravity Bar in Guinness Storehouse Dublin Ireland

This is what you see from the top of Guinness.
Dublin Ireland from above at the Gravity Bar in Guinness Storehouse

Our sleep schedules were so off that we woke up really early (at like 3:30 am!) the next day of our trip and decided we’d take our time getting ready for the day and fit in a workout at St. Stephen’s Green which was near our hotel. But we discovered that no one is awake in Dublin around 5:30 am and they actually lock their parks at night! (What?! Guess they are a lot nicer than Denver’s parks which have no fences so are impossible to technically close…) so we had to wait until later to get that workout in. We ended up wandering around and seeing what the area looked like when barely a soul was awake. I don’t think I could have got this awesome shot of St. Anne’s at any other hour though. Fun to see the streets so empty.
View of St. Anne’s in the early morning from Grafton Street
Early Morning view of St. Anne's in Dublin Ireland

St. Anne Street in Dublin Ireland

I want this door. I love yellow!
Yellow Door in Dublin Ireland

Next to St. Anne’s Church
Gate in front of St. Anne's Church in Dublin Ireland

We were dying for something to open so we could have some breakfast. Luckily Fixx Coffeehouse came though
Fixx Coffeehouse on Dawson Street in Dublin Ireland

Our early morning treat from Fixx Coffeehouse
Dublin Ireland Fixx Coffeehouse Mocha Drinks

Saw this when walking around Dublin. It’s for my friend Becky:)
Dublin Ireland colorful wall with the word "Alt" on it

I have no idea what building this is, but it was directly across the street from the Heuston Station in Dublin and I thought it was pretty.
Yellow Building across the street from Heuston Station Dublin Ireland

This was a pretty familiar scene from our travels. Chelsey and I on a train with a coffee (and a big smile:)
Dublin to Galway Train in Ireland

I got a little lazy with the photo taking once we reached Galway, but here are a few.
Caught a quick glimpse of the Galway Cathedral before boarding the Corrib Princess
Galway Cathedral near the river

View from the Corrib Princess boat ride up the river Corrib
Rocks and a bird on the River Corrib in Galway Ireland

Another view from the boat ride
View from Corrib River in Galway Ireland

Haha…we drank a lot of Guinness on this trip:) The rain forced us inside the boat soon after I took this shot.
Galway Ireland Corrib Princess

View from the Galway City Museum
Galway City Museum Courtyard

Probably my favorite photo from this leg of the trip. It sums up Galway pretty nicely if you ask me;)
A rainy window at the Galway City Museum in Galway Ireland


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  1. Yvonne says:

    Great pictures April! It was fun to hear about your trip a couple weeks ago when we got to visit with you guys! Can’t wait to see more, looks like you had a WONDERFUL time!

  2. Looks like an amazing trip! How awesome that you were able to spend so much time with your sister – and have such fabulous photos to remember it!