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Realm Studio Natural Light Personal Branding Photography in Denver

November 1, 2020

Professional Headshot Branding Photos for Small Business Owner in Denver

I am incredibly excited to share the photos featured in today’s journal entry because most of my work is done outdoors and this time I got to do a lovely session with a gorgeous woman in a natural light studio!  Carolyn reached out to me to tell me about her small business as a an OBM (online business manager).  If you’re a small business owner looking for some help or guidance with getting systems in place for your business, be sure to check out her OBM website.  Carolyn can help make your life easier! We all know the importance of having great photos to use on our website and social media so we planned her session to showcase a nice look for her.  To achieve that somewhat casual, but still professional feel I sent her a list of local places I know of that rent out their indoor spaces for photoshoots.  She looked at what Realm had to offer and booked it for her business branding photoshoot.

Natural Light Indoor Photography Studio and Event Space

This was my first time photographing at Realm and I was blown away at just how perfect a space it was for us.  It’s located in an old warehouse style building North of City Park. They have a huge wall of south facing windows with that cool industrial look.  And those windows also have the best shades you can pull down for when the light is too much and you need it to be softer. Because of this,  I found it so easy to get what I needed no matter what the sun pouring through those beautiful windows was doing.  The huge white Cyc wall was great and I loved that there was quite a bit of different furniture available to help change up the look of your portraits in a short amount of time. They have a dressing room right there inside the space making it easy to change up outfits and maximize the allotted time as well.  I seriously had the hardest time narrowing down which photos to share here on the journal.  But, I ended up with the following as my absolute favorites. I can’t wait to see which ones Carolyn ends up choosing for her business!

Indoor natural light studio headshot portrait at a personal branding photography session in Denver
Natural light indoor studio personal branding photos at Realm in North Denver
Personal Branding Photography at Realm Indoor Studio Denver
Bright and Colorful Personal Branding Pictures in a white indoor studio in Denver
Blonde woman wearing a cream sweater and glasses poses for her personal branding in a cool white indoor studio in Denver Colorado
Natural personal branding photography at an indoor photo studio called Realm in Denver Colorado
Woman with blonde hair and glasses sits on a leather couch at her personal branding studio in Denver Colorado
Beautiful natural light Denver personal branding photography at Realm

If you’re a business owner in search of your own personal branding photos, be sure to check out the HEADSHOTS page of my site and get in touch!


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