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Rocky Mountain National Park Fall Color Family Pictures

October 4, 2020

Family Portraits During Autumn at Rocky Mountain National Park

I’m excited to share this gorgeous session full of Rocky Mountain National Park Fall Color backdrops for a family photography session.  Sadie is their youngest and she actually reached out to me to let me know her family was thinking about getting some photos taken together while they were out here on a trip celebrating her parent’s 25th wedding anniversary.  I love photographing couples with their families on their milestone wedding anniversaries!  So we set up a session and met over at the Beaver Meadows visitor’s center so that they could follow me in.  This is actually my first time photographing a family at RMNP during fall color season so I decided to take them to a new area of the park that I haven’t photographed anyone at before to see if I could find some nice fall color for them.  Most of the other areas I usually use for family portrait sessions aren’t known for having a lot of trees (although they have excellent mountain views which is what most families I photograph are looking for) so we drove all the way in to the Fern Lake Trailhead parking area.  This trailhead inside Rocky Mountain National Park is great and full of aspen trees so there was a lot of nice golden fall color to get in their pictures over there.  

Elk Mating Season During Fall in Estes Park Colorado

As pretty as it was, it was very crowded with people all looking to watch the elk during their mating season.  We could hear the intense cries of the elk throughout the Moraine Valley Park meadow as we attempted to make our way through the crowds to get over to the river area that I like to use.  I really wanted to try to take them over to another section of the park but unfortunately there is a lot of construction going on in the park right now and we just ran out of time before sunset hit. Still, I am in love with all of these beautiful golden colored family portraits we were able to create for this family.  And I love to see such a happy couple still so clearly in love after over 2 decades together!  Happy Anniversary to this awesome couple!

Gorgeous fall color family photo along the Fern Lake Trailhead at Rocky Mountain National Park
Adorable photo of a couple married for 25 years laughing together with a pretty fall color backdrop at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
Pretty teen girl with curly brown hair wearing a cute wide brimmed hat poses in front of a fall color backdrop at her family portrait session in Estes Park
Beautiful family portrait for a family of 5 during fall color season at Rocky Mountain National Park
Oldest son in the family poses for his own headshot portrait with a pretty river backdrop at RMNP
Three older siblings pose together with a pretty river mountain backdrop with golden fall color at RMNP

If you’d like to get some Rocky Mountain National Park fall color photos for yourself, be sure to check out the FAMILIES page of my site and get in touch!  I’d love to talk about some options for you!


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