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Estes Park Family Photography at Rocky Mountain National Park

June 25, 2019

Rocky Mountain National Park Family Photographer in Estes Park

I have a little confession to make.  For years I have avoided Rocky Mountain National Park as a Family Photographer.  I had it in my head that it was a crowded place and gasp, maybe a little overrated considering there are so many beautiful places to photograph in Colorado.  I also used to think it was a little bit pricey.

However, I’ve officially changed my mind.  This summer, I’ve made it a point to photograph there and I am blown away with just how beautiful it is inside the park.  It’s a dream place to photograph families who are visiting the Estes Park area. I still say it’s a little bit on the pricey side at $50 for a permit fee and $25 per car to enter, but I am now a true believer that the price is absolutely worth it!  I think the more Denver grows, the more I am appreciating our lands that are unspoiled by development. As soon as you drive into the park, you are transported to a majestic, nature-filled world full of grazing big game animals, refreshing high alpine scents, and of course, the most awe-inspiring mountain vistas.

Family Photos with Quintuplets at Rocky Mountain National Park

This incredibly unique family featured on the journal today is the family that helped me reinvigorate my love for Rocky Mountain National Park.  They are unique because they are a family with quintuplets! I’ve never met any quintuplets before. I’m actually not even sure I’ve ever even met triplets.  So this was such a cool experience to photograph five 12 year old siblings together. 12 years old is also a really fun age because it’s right between childhood and the teenage years.  It’s a nice little “in-between” stage which I guess might be why it’s called the “Tween” years? I really enjoyed photographing them and seeing how different all of their personalities were and how they interacted with each other and with mom and dad too.  And btw, HUGE props to mom and dad for raising not just 5 kids, but Quints! I can’t imagine how hard that must be sometimes having all 5 kids going through all of the different stages of childhood all at once. I mean, just picture what potty training must have been like! From what I can tell, they are doing an absolutely fabulous job.

We met up at Sprague Lake because I like that there is a convenient bathroom there if needed and the mountains looming over the lake make for a beautiful starting location.  Plus the “hike” (it’s really more of an easy walk) around the lake is short and easy to do. After getting a few photos at this location, we moved on to a couple other spots I scouted out that had gorgeous mountain views.  One thing about Rocky Mountain National Park is that because of the high elevation, the weather can be chilly, even in summer. This spring and early summer we’ve been having more chilly weather here in Colorado than we usually do too. These poor kiddos managed to make it through the lower temperatures at our session and I sure hope they think the views made it worth it!

Rocky Mountain National Park is the Best Location for Family Pictures According to Estes Park Family Photographer

There are a handful of other locations outside of the gates of Rocky Mountain National Park that are suitable for family photography sessions.  But, I now firmly believe that RMNP is hands down the absolute best location to use in Estes Park. Not going there for family photos when visiting Estes Park, Colorado would be like going on a beach vacation and then deciding not to get the ocean in your photos.

Rocky Mountain National Park Family Photographer at Sprague Lake During Summer
Cute 12 year old Quints at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park
Quints laugh together at their Rocky Mountain National Park Family Photos at Sprague Lake
Rocky Mountain National Park Family Photographer at Sprague Lake with Quintuplets
Dad wit his sons at Sprague Lake Family Photography session
Mom with her Daughters at RMNP Family Session in Estes Park
Rocky Mountain National Park Family Photographer Mountain Backdrop
Mom and Dad Couples Portrait at an Estes Park Family Photography Session
Kids Photo During Family Photos at Rocky Mountain National Park in CO
12 year old girl poses for a photo in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
A child poses for an individual portrait at RMNP while on a family vacation to Estes Park
12 year old girl in a jean jacket poses for her own photo during family portrait session at RMNP
Individual sibling portrait during family photography session at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
Sweet Sibling Family Photo with Quintuplets at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
Beautiful Colorado Family Photo with Quintuplets at Rocky Mountain National Park

If you would like more information about visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, please visit THIS LINK

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